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Easy to Install Addon Excellent User Interface Relatively cheap: Under $20 Arena/PVP Guide is extremely detailed


You can find free Interface Addons easily (though they aren't the same as this).


This is a great resource to get the most out of your World of Warcraft gaming experience. The addon plus all the guides can give you more information than you even thought was possible. I'm confident you WILL have a better experience using Wow Crusher.

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Wow Crusher from MarkCo and Kevin Richardson
WoW Crusher Review
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WoW Crusher (Fast-Track & Crusher AddOn) REVIEW

Wow or World of Warcraft is by far the most well known and most played Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) ever created. As of November 2011, there were over 10 million subscribers. What makes this game so popular? Well, it's a lot of factors rolled into one. Here's some of the biggest factors that have helped make WoW the bestselling hit that it is:
For new players, you can progress relatively quickly through the individual starting zones. These zones familiarize yourself with the game as well as whatever type of character you have chosen to play. You'll get a lot of backstory that tells you about the world and what your specific role in it is. This immersion aspect really connects you with your character.
New players are usually met by other new players and it's generally easy to form some quick friendships in the game. You'll find yourself getting to know these people personally after a while if you play together often. There are so many players, you're bound to find people doing the same things you're doing so you can form a group or guild and become part of a team. This is very important in the game.
I've played WoW for hundreds of hours over the years and I can vouch for the fun factor. There is a never ending stream of things to do whether its leveling up your main or secondary characters, earning special titles and achievements or just hanging out with some friends fishing. The fun can quickly suck you in and you may even stop playing other games for a while.
Ok, So What Is This WoW Crusher Thing?
I've made this very easy for you, the reader, by simply acquiring Wow Crusher and installing it. This way, you'll know everything I know first hand and not from some strange third party writer who probably doesn't even play video games. Let's take a look at the main features of WoW Crusher as I loaded them up and tried them out:
Interface Addon
I hate a cluttered interface. Games call this a GUI or "graphical user interface" and it's basically your HUD, heads up display. This is where all your spells, commands and special moves are located.  The default game interface looks ok and you can manipulate it a bit but the Wow Crusher interface is pretty sweet. You can have multiple rows of spells/attacks that fire off in an order you can preset. This will add to your DPS or "Damage Per Second" rating. This is how fast you kill things and in WoW, if you want to become a recognized, top level player, this means everything. Many groups will exclude you and not even talk to you if you're high level but your DPS isn't up to par.
Another thing I like about this interface is you can move it around wherever you want. Feel like having your spells at the top of the screen and your special abilities at the bottom? You can do that. You can also put your non-essential actions far away from your normal ones. Nothing is worse than whipping out a fishing pole on accident in the middle of a boss fight.
The Wow Crusher interface also works great for PVP and Arena fighting because you can have a completely different set of abilities for these situations only. Many actions that can take down a beast or skeleton are worthless when fighting real players so you can just swap your entire layout on the fly. Add in a WOW specific mouse for even more options.

WoW Crusher comes with numerous guides that cover things like qeveling quickly, making gold, effective dungeon grouping, In-depth Maps for every region, item locations, quest giver locations, NPC locations, and pretty much anything you could ever want to find. Most of this is also added right in to the addon so you will just have to open the proper window while you play. You will also get files you can print out if you like.
These guides are updated frequently and you'll get a new one once a month that covers the latest game additions, uncovered secrets, tips and tricks to get the most out of your playing experience. Since the game has new content added so frequently, Wow Crusher can help you be the first of your friends to get all the cool stuff and you can brag about that until the end of time.
The Gold
You can't skip talking about the gold. This product's official website boasts that you can make over 700,000 gold in around 30 days time. Now, I only used their methods for about 2 hours with a level 80 character so I wasn't even close to being set up properly and I did actually make some gold. If you use their profession recommendations and quest recommendations, you can probably make more than that 700,000 gold if you end up earning a bunch of junk you don't need along the way. I'm more of a hoarder so I quickly stockpile all kinds of useless garbage I'll never need. Know when to hoard and when not to is a good rule.
Overall Impressions
I'd have to say if you're a new player or an old player looking to create a secondary character and try a different path through the game, Wow Crusher is a good thing to have. You'll quickly love the interface and the guides provide a ton of information that can sometimes be hard to get. If you're an older player and you've ever tried to find the "key to Stratholme" you'll know what I mean. People know, they just like to watch you suffer trying to figure it out. With this, you'll be the one in charge.
You can hunt around the Internet and may be able to replicate the interface for free but if you've ever heard of hacked accounts, those unknown applications are usually the cause. Stick with this all in one package instead.
Date Reviewed: January 26, 2012, 1:06 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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