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Simple, direct approach. Effective for some women and relationships. Author has credentials as relationship advisor.


Approach may not be relevant to individual situations. Expensive.


Could be useful for some women - especially as a tool to help them understand men differently.

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Review of "The Women Men Adore & Never Want to Leave" by Bob Grant

Is your man losing interest? Or are you having trouble attracting one in the first place?
Bob Grant - the 'Relationship Doctor' - says he can help.
You can become a woman that men adore, he says. And the reason you are having problems (the all too familiar 'why doesn't he call?' 'what am I doing wrong?' 'how can I find the right man?') - is because you simply don't understand men.
Who does!
But, according to Mr Grant, men are simple creatures, and once you understand them you will have them falling at your feet.
'As a woman, by virtue of your femininity, have in your hands the delicious power to make a man fall in love with you,' he says, 'to bring him to his knees and make him want to spend his life with you.'
(Along with all sorts of other stuff about fulfilling your every desire).
So what do you have to do to achieve this? Plastic surgery? 
No - according to Bob Grant (Licensed Professional Counselor, therapist, and relationship coach for 16 years), it is crucial that you don't shape yourself into someone else just to keep your man. Instead you have to, 'tap into the power that resides within you.'
Whatever your difficulties are - single women looking for Mr Right; women who get dates but can't sustain relationships; women in long-term relationships who want him to 'pop the question'; married women looking to reignite the spark - you can attain an aura that men find irresistible.
Creating magic with men is a skill, that you can learn, says Bob. And for goodness sake don't turn to your girlfriends for help, he continues. Talking with them may deepen and sustain your relationship with them, the girlfriends, but will do nothing to improve your relationships with men.
Which makes a lot of sense if you think about it.
Men, says Bob, want to be enraptured. Lured, finessed, bewitched.
So you have to learn how to make a man feel good. And, 'seduction is 99% mental sorcery.'
Interested? 'The Women Men Adore... and Never Want to Leave' is an e-book containing 'closely guarded secrets' and 'powerful techniques' that every woman can use.
Oh go on, give us a clue...
That'll cost you $47.
So, the biggest question of all, is it worth it? Because most women are looking for better relationships, and do want to understand their men
Well, the conclusion on the forums and review websites is mixed. The conclusion to the sixty-four million dollar question (understanding men and what they want) seems to be that men like women who are confident. This is, 'the quality or state of being certain.' A confident women is certain of who she is, on the inside. She doesn't need compliments or men to buy her things in order to feel good about herself.
(although she might get them, if she is...)
So The Relationship Doctor's advice is that by improving yourself, you'll be able to draw a partner into your life, or influence the one you have. 
'This is about positive changes you can make in yourself that will ultimately result in positive changes in your relationship,' said one reviewer. 
Others agree.
'Women are adored by men because they are self assured in who they are as women, and they know their own minds and hearts.'
Which is a long way away from the 3 sentences Mr Grant says will, 'effortlessly cast a spell over him' (he gives you the word for word script).
'There is no guarantee a man will want you...regardless of what Bob Grant or anyone else says,' said one forum user. Which is make intuitive common-sense. And I would like to have found some men's opinions on this interpretation of what they want!
 However some women have undoubtedly found Mr Grant's advice useful.
One women said that after reading the e-book, 'if I feel unappreciated I usually can get my man to listen.'
Which may not be 'adoration' but is certainly positive progress.
And some reviewers are certain the the 'secret turn-ons' proposed by The Relationship Doctor, along with (the magic of) self-confidence will enable you to 'nurture and maintain a healthy and loving relationship almost effortlessly.'
As we women know, self-confidence is not something you can buy off the shelf. 
But if you want to learn some of the language that men respond to, this e-book could be for you. 
And if it also helps you tap into some of the buried power inside of you, fantastic.
You go girl!
Date Reviewed: December 19, 2011, 2:55 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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