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This product offers up huge volumes of woodworking plans at 14,000 or more. It also boasts a quality money back guarantee. Many sites say the plans are easy to follow.


There are some negative reviews of the product online that say the product is not high quality.


Despite the bad reviews here and there, I find the positive reviews to be a bit more believable in the end. The sheer volume of plans seem to dispel many of the complaints, but buyer beware.

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Woodworking4Home from John Metz
Woodworking4Home Review
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Woodworking4Home by John Metz - REVIEW

Over the years, I have learned a few things about woodworking and working off of plans. I am far from an expert, but I do know the basics. I know the plans can make or break the project from the start and it is not enough to simply have one. It needs to be quality. When I first heard about the product called Woodworking4Home I was cautiously optimistic. Any product that is offering 14,000 of anything for less than fifty bucks has to at least be looked into, right?

What do you get for your money?

Woodworking4Home offers up 14,000 woodworking plans of all types from a Wisconsin woodworker named John Metz. These plans are offered instantly for download or you can purchase a DVD-Rom instead. It is said to be effective for beginners, professionals and everyone in between and it offers a money back guarantee. All of this will set you back $49 and give you step by step instructions to include videos, resources, e-books and various other bonuses. But will it be as effective as the plans that anybody can get online with a simple search?

What does the Internet buying community have to say?

When I started looking at the various online reviews and so on, it became very difficult to sort through the tangle of reviews that did not appear independent. There are plenty of reviews online that tout the product though many of them seem to be connected in some way to the product itself. Regardless, there are positive views out there by the bucket loads. I found several reviews that were clearly independent. 

The most common compliments that you hear are that the product has gaggles of quality woodworking plans that are very easy to use. It also includes material lists and cut sheets. The diagrams are described as clean and easy to understand. Some parts even include videos to make them easier to understand. The general consensus is that the plans are all included and that they are ideal for woodworking projects of all levels. Even home plans are included.

But does the product have complaints?

Despite the many positive reviews, I did find some that were not so good. One forum poster for example claimed that the money back guarantee was bogus and that he had spent weeks trying to get a refund with no luck. He did later post that he got a partial refund. Another negative review said that the plans were poorly put together and hard to use. I did see this statement several times on several different websites. Another common complaint is that the product plans are overwhelming. I imagine sorting through 14,000 plans would be. i also think that perhaps this might be a bigger part of the problem than people have let on.

Drawing conclusions from the muddy waters

After digging for at least seven pages deep in Google, I have come to the conclusion that this is simply a case of some people liking a product while others did not. The complaints seem legitimate and so do the compliments. The bottom line is that the product offers a money back guarantee and by all accounts offers up over 14,000 plans to help you build woodworking projects. 

If you want to build something, this seems like a fair enough option to try. After all, if you go into one of the chain stores and buy a book of plans, you will usually spend over twenty bucks anyway and only get specific plans to a genre. I find it very hard to believe that you would not get $49 worth of plans out of 14,000. It is possible, but highly unlikely based on the reviews I have read.

Though the product has some bad reviews online, I do think that the product is legit. Certainly I will say to have the buyer beware, but it seems like a reasonable risk to me for some outstanding woodworking plans at a cheap price. Grab your drill, start reading and get your building started!

If you want to buy this product, we recommend purchasing it right here for your best deal.

Date Reviewed: March 9, 2012, 1:14 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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