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There is so much to do. It is one of the best MMORPG games ever made


It requires Monthly subscription to play


This game is worth buying if you're looking for something fun to do in a game to kill a LOT of time.

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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm from Blizzard Entertainment
World Of Warcraft
Carus rates this 4.5/5
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WOW the world's most Addicting and Emmersive Game

World of Warcraft is a really fun and addicting game! You can create a character and pick its race and class. You can do so many things including questing, leveling up, fighting other characters, and enter huge rooms called dungeons and even bigger ones called raids that can takes hours to complete and uncover countless treasures from common to legendary items.

Blizzard Entertainment does an excellent job in its creation of a fun game playing environment with so many different ways for players to interact with each other and a new concept Blizzard is coming up in its next expansion will even let you fight other characters' pets! Sound like fun? Then buy World of Warcraft. You must purchase the original World of Warcraft game, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cataclysm. It requires an online monthly subscription payment plan

I have a blood elf warlock character who is at the maximum level. He is called a "ranged dps" or "dps caster" by World of Warcraft jargon. There are a lot of unique things about World of Warcraft linguistics that you have to learn. There are also attitudes people have in World of Warcraft that you will become aware of such as people frowning upon bad hunters and paladins (pallies in World of Warcraft jargon). Thus it is very important to pick a great race and class that you will not get tired of looking at every day.

People who love melee combat can pick a "tank" or classes that are specialized in melee combat, such as Death Knights and Warriors. Some classes have multiple abilities such as being able to be a "dps" or "tank" such as the druid. This works because of their unique abilities that allow them to take different form appropriate for the type of combat they want to specialize in such as ranged combat or melee combat. Druids can transform into bear-form and "tank" for the team in dungeons, while they can also heal if there is no "heals" or priest or another specialized healing class, such as the paladin or druid.

Blizzard Entertainment, the creator of World of Warcraft is making a new expansion called "Mists of Pandneria" and it will raise the maximum level to level 90. There will be a new raced called the panderian, which is a cute version of a panda bear in humanoid form. There will also be a new class called monk, which can take the place of "tanking," "dps, " and "heals." This makes the monk a very useful class and will be high in demand once it becomes available.

People can become very addicted playing World of Warcraft for years and years. There are some people who are so addicted to World of Warcraft that there are even "World of Warcraft clinics" that treat people with addiction of World of Warcraft. It's $10,000 for the treatment and you get the best computers and best equipment with multiple displays so you can satisfy your cravings for playing World of Warcraft. You get very comfortable chairs and have surround sound systems.

You can play any time you want as long as you play less each day because this is an addiction clinic. It is designed to slowly wean you off of playing World of Warcraft. At least there are some benefits of having a lot of money and no life. You get to play on the best equipment possible!

For those of you who do have a life, may I recommend "Game of Life?" That goes for you old-school gamers who like board games. Otherwise, you'll have to try out World of Warcraft and I promise you will NOT regret this.

Date Reviewed: April 19, 2012, 12:35 pm
Reviewed by carus
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Lisawrite I've been playing WoW since Beta and I enjoyed Cata expansion but it wasn't my favorite. Still, it's a good game. More than 7years playing... I'd say it's good enough to keep my attention. :p lisawrite Rating
Fri, April 27, 2012 11:29PM • By: lisawriterssreport user
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