XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio
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XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio Review From: Sirius XM

Allows you to listen to 60 minutes of previous radio play. Easy to install.

Must pay subscription fees in order to use, which can add up. Malfunctions are common.

Go for a cheaper model instead.

Does the XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio Stack Up to the Competition?

With 60-minute pause and replay, access to over 130 Internet channels, and the ability to simultaneously view four channels in split screen mode, it's clear who the XM XpressRCi Satellite Radio was meant for: Sports fans. With this radio, you can stay up to date on the latest information and updates from the privacy of your own vehicle--unfortunately, a few snags make this less than a perfect model. Here is my review.

  • Allows you to pause and replay up to 60 minutes of previous radio play
  • Contains split screen mode, allowing users to view four channels simultaneously
  • Easy to install

  • Turning knob flimsy; not sturdy
  • Must subscribe to the Sirius XM network to use it
  • Display screen malfunctions often


Like most Sirius XM models, the XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio contains a very simple interface for browsing radio channels, saving channel presets, and turning the radio on and off. Measuring 3 by 7 inches, it's a compact device--meant to be tidily plugged into your vehicle's power adapter socket--and is surprisingly light, weighing in at under 2 pounds. Color choices are limited here--it only comes in standard black, though you can change the color of the radio's display via the radio menu.

Unlike Sirius XM's cheaper models, which only display the name of the station and current program, the XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio is a bit of a graphical improvement, this time containing a faded picture in the background, which usually corresponds to the channel you are listening to. For instance, if you're listening to a metal radio channel, you may see a picture of a guitar in the background; similarly, if you're listening to a baseball station, you may see a picture of a baseball and bat in the background. While it is a very small improvement, it is graphically more pleasing and makes the model look even more appealing.  

Other than this graphical improvement, nothing much has changed with Sirius XM's 2010 model--although the interface seems generally more user-friendly, it still looks fairly similar to other Sirius XM models on the market.


The new features are arguably the greatest improvement in the XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio--though generally the same as previous models, such as its tabletop radio, Sirius XM has also included a few new features to improve its usability. Its biggest feature, undoubtedly, is the ability to rewind and listen to up to 60 minutes a live radio--something experts say would make sports fans happy. Should you miss an important sports update or spent some time listening to another radio station, all you need to do is rewind the channel to listen to any missed content, provided it was played within the past 60 minutes.  

In addition, you'll gain access to the XM's split screen mode--a mode that allows you to see what's happening on up to four stations at the same time. This is great for those who have a few favorite radio stations and like to switch back and forth--or for sports fans who like to listen to several games at the same time. You'll also be able to view each sports team's scores and stats while they play.


Though the XM Xpress RCi Satellite Radio is a noted improvement from previous models, it still faces one major issue: Radio malfunction. Though a one year warranty covers any malfunctions for the first year of use, many customers report that the radio stops working or the display dies out within a year or two of use. Many of these problems occur after warranty expiration, which usually forces them to buy a new radio.

"I have had no problems with this receiver until just a little after the one year mark," says W. Tanksley, an Amazon.com customer. "Like other units that have been reviewed, the screen on mine started flickering and now has all but gone completely black." To add more fuel to the fire, this radio won't even work until you commit to a Sirius XM radio subscription fee--a fee not everyone is willing to pay for.

Customer Reviews
"I was driving to work today, and watched as it flickered from bright to dark, and then died completely. The radio still works, and my presets are just fine - I can only tune at night when I can see the display. XM radio is just okay - not great, and despite the hype commercials are taking up most of the air time on popular channels." - ajinhawaii
"Excellent price, excellent color on the screen while it last. Back light when out 18 months after puchase but i can still hear the sound just have to keep my remote handy. I suggest getting a in dash. It will probably last a lot longer." - TXSteveM


Although this radio is rich with features both music and sports fans will enjoy, frequent malfunctions make it less than an ideal radio. Stick with cheaper models instead--they seem to have more lasting power.
Date Reviewed: May 28, 2012, 6:51 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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