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You get a unique looking Star Wars themed Xbox 360, two games and a huge hard drive for almost the same price as a normal Kinect bundle with a smaller hard drive.


More expensive than a traditional Xbox 360 Kinect bundle but only in some areas.


This is a must buy if you're looking to get a new Xbox 360 or just replace the one you have.

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Xbox 360 Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle from Microsoft
Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Bundle Review
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Xbox Kinect Star Wars Bundle - Feel The Force

The Microsoft Xbox 360 has been around for a few years and has maintained the top position among gaming consoles pretty much the entire time. Sure the PS3 and Wii have their exclusives but it's hard to compete with the unstoppable force that is the Xbox 360. With Xbox Live and Kinect, there's not a single family member that can't enjoy gaming on this console. I myself was always a die hard Playstation fan until the 360 started getting some specific releases that I simply had to have. I eventually upgraded to the Kinect and my Wii is little more than a way for my wife to weigh herself. 

The Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Bundle was released about a month ago and has quickly become a "must have" item for parents and kids alike. What's not to like about it? The Xbox 360 itself looks like R2-D2 and the wireless controller is gold plated like C-3PO. If you're a fan of Star Wars or if your kids are really into it, this is the hottest item you could possibly get them and it will no doubt be a collectors item one day. 

Does it offer any special features compared to a traditional Xbox 360? Well, not really but the appeal is in the design just like the old Halo Edition Xbox 360 which is already difficult to come by. These Xbox 360 units have the potential to actually increase in value over time instead of becoming obsolete with the next rendition of the console (remember the Xbox 360 Pro?).

This bundle does come with the full Kinect setup and the game Kinect Star Wars where you're able to swing your arms and move your body to use force powers or deliver dramatic blows with your lightsaber. This game is what Star Wars fans have dreamed of for ages and the only other Star Wars game that came close was The Force Unleashed for the Nintendo Wii. 

Gizmodo's Unveiling of the Star Wars Kinect Bundle
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The Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Bundle Comes With:

R2-D2 Version Wi-Fi Enabled Xbox 360 - This is a superb looking rendition of the newer Wi-Fi enabled Xbox 360. It's painted in the R2-D2 white and blue scheme and is instantly recognizable. If you've seen any Star Wars movie or cartoon, you'll know what it is right away. This model also has custom sounds according to the manufacturer and I'd guess that would be the R2-D2 beeps and boops.

Kinect Sensor - This is the camera/microphone combo that sits on or under your television to track your body movements. I've had a Kinect for quite a while and they work great. The Kinect unit seems more accurate than the Wii Mote for the Wii and a couple people can play at the same time without any problems. You can use this for Kinect video chat, recording, movie making and more. You can also turn your Xbox 360 on or off by waving in a certain way or speaking specific words.

C-3PO Version Wireless Controller - This is a unique looking wireless controller that's colored just like C-3PO. It works just like any other controller and is compatible with any Xbox 360 so you can take it to a friends house to use if you want. 

320GB Hard Drive - If you like to download your games from Xbox Live like I do, this amount of space is great to have. I can easily fill up the 120GB HD and still find myself deleting things to make room for newer games. With 320GB that shouldn't happen so much even if you only download full games. The average game is between 500mb and 12GB so you have plenty of room, even for large titles.

Xbox 360 Headset - You get the standard headset in this bundle. If you ask me they should have made it look like Princess Leia hair buns or something. It works just fine so you can talk to others while playing multiplayer or taunt them. You can also just use the Kinect which has a built in mic.Upgrading to a better headset is recommended if you're into multi-player games on Live.

Kinect Star Wars - The full game is included and you can live your Jedi fantasies to the fullest using the Kinect sensor. This plays a bit like The Force Unleashed for the Wii but is aimed at younger people as it doesn't have any gore or dark tones to it. Perfect for family play. It's quite fun for a few playthroughs if you're an adult.

Kinect Adventures - The flagship Kinect title, Adventures is a collection of mini-games that can really show off what the Kinect can do. You travel around various locations participating in fun games to earn badges. My 5 yr old daughter loved it and so did my wife. I thought it was alright but I'm more of an old school gamer so I preferred Star Wars.

User Testimonials

Carlos546 (Gamestop User)

I've been waiting for this system to come out since it was made available to pre-order on game stop and now that i have it i can say it was worth every penny! i love everything about this system. from the R2-D2 sounds to the 320GB hard drive. this system is amazing in every aspect and i have yet to find anything i don't love about it.

H. Wang ( User)
1) The unit looks awesome, and it is a Star Wars fan's dream come true. The R2D2 exterior is well crafted and looks/feels very nice.
2) I love how the Xbox makes those beeping/booping/squealing R2 sounds when you open/close the tray and power on/off the system. The only drawback is you have to physically press the buttons, you won't get the sounds if you use a remote or the controller.
3) The gold C3P0 controller is GREAT! It has a nice finish, great feel, the D-pad is nice and it just really makes you feel special for buying the bundle.
4) The white kinect is nice, and it is the only one of its kind (so far), with everything else being black. It's a minor thing, but it does make you feel better about paying for the bundle. As for performance, mine was fine out of the box though as with all Kinects you do get the occasional and annoying "player input lost" messages that kind of interrupt the action.


Unique R2-D2 Themed Xbox 360 
Unique C-3PO Controller
Two Full Kinect Games
Large 320 GB Hard Drive



The Bottom Line

You shouldn't just be looking at the Xbox 360 Star Wars Kinect bundle and thinking it's for Star Wars fans only. You get two great games, a bigger than average hard drive and it looks a lot more interesting than the standard black 360 sitting on your entertainment center. It's a great product for adults and kids alike and it probably won't be around forever. Today's a great day to pick this up. I've had mine for a month and am very happy with it (my kids are too).

Date Reviewed: May 9, 2012, 9:15 am
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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UnbiasedReviewer Extremely fun, which is the purpose of this game console. Has an awesome and innovative user interface. Good bundle to have for a casual gamer. UnbiasedReviewer Rating
Fri, September 14, 2012 10:06PM • By: UnbiasedReviewerrssreport user
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