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Xcom Tools allows you to scan for potential computer problems for free. Using its program is very easy.

If you want to fix any problems, you must pay a yearly license fee.

While it isn't a horrible program, I'm not a fan of how it charges money to fix problems that can be fixed for free with your computer.

Xcom Tools (PC Scan/Fix/Speed Boost) - FULL REVIEW

New computers run fast, but with continued use, slow down due to many things--such as hidden spyware or registry errors.  Removing them can even pose a bigger challenge; removing the wrong files could potentially corrupt or destroy a computer's hardware.  Luckily for computer users, there's a new computer optimization program that says it can fix these problems, called Xcom Tools.  

What is Xcom Tools?

Xcom Tools is a program known as a PC optimizer--designed to scan, identify, and treat computer problems that can slow down or corrupt the computer's operating system.  Comparatively, Xcom Tools offers nothing new to this market, as it contains nearly the same features as PCOptimizerPro Startup Booster and 1ClickFix.

As a PC optimizer, Xcom Tools offers the bare basics: It scans, and then fixes problems in the computer's registry, while offering other improvements such as computer defragmentation, the removal of junk files, and protection from malware.  Users can automatically scan for these problems with its downloadable interface, which installs in just minutes and starts up immediately, without any need for configuration or customization on their part.

Like with most PC optimization programs, Xcom Tools allows users to scan for vulnerabilities for free.  The program can even be downloaded for free, with all of its features intact, off of their website.  Should you need to fix the errors it identifies, however, you have to pay its license fee--a $36.89 fee that unlocks unlimited protection and optimization for up to a year.

While running this program, I found Xcom Tools exceptionally easy to navigate and use.  Scanning for vulnerabilities was just a click away, and while it checked for errors, displayed any identifiable vulnerabilities in the interface, listing the name of the vulnerability and how many were located.  I opted out of its yearly fee to fix any of these errors, though, since I could simply Google the identified errors and follow online instructions for fixing them for free.

Problems with Xcom Tools

As a PC optimization program, Xcom Tools does a fine job at scanning, locating, and listing errors found within the Windows operating system.  Unfortunately, I was not pleased with its deceptive license fee, which only covers a year of use.  Should you want to use this program for more than a year, you have to pay reoccurring yearly fees.  It's a bit of an oddity, considering other PC optimization programs only require you to pay one fee for unlimited access to its features.

After scanning for potential problems, Xcom Tools demanded that I pay the license fee to fix these problems, yet I was able to locate instructions for fixing them online for free.  Other features, such as its computer defragmentation feature, can also be performed freely from your Windows computer, and are fairly easy fixes.  Why Xcom Tools would charge a large license fee to fix problems that the Windows operating system fixes for free is puzzling, to say the very least.

Because I opted out of paying for the full license, I was never able to fully investigate how effective its repair feature was.  I was also unable to conclude how effective its protection feature was in preventing malware, such as spyware and trojans, from infiltrating my computer.  Being unable to investigate this was disappointing, as Xcom Tools is the first software of its kind to offer this feature.  No customer reviews or comments can be found online, so unfortunately, I can't draw any conclusions about the efficacy of its repair and protection features.


While I was pleased with its easy usability and quick start up, Xcom Tools wouldn't fix any errors unless its yearly license fee was paid, which I found to be excessive and deceptive.  I was also able to fix most of these identified errors for free online, sometimes even with my Windows operating system.  This really begs the question--why are they charging money for this?  Overall, I wouldn't go so far to not recommend it, but I definitely am not a fan of its deceptive practices.  For a more user friendly alternative you might want to take a look at PC Pandora.
Date Reviewed: March 29, 2012, 8:00 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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