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Some ingredients tested with verifiable results indicating a marked weight loss over placebo. When used in conjunction with diet and exercisers users are very positive about its effectiveness.


No indications on the website of number of pills in the bottle you get for $51. Not enough product information on the website to make informed consumer decision. Can cause sleeplessness and nervousness if taken too late in the day. Too many questionable other ingredients. Can cause nervousness and jitters because of high caffeine concentrations.


Take as directed and in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise program. Users are generally positive about the additional energy it supplies them for a workout. It also can help you stick to a diet by curbing your appetite.

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Xenadrine - RZR - X from Xenadrine
Xenadrine RZRX Review
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Xenadrine RZR-X (Weight Loss Supplement Formula) REVIEW - Here's what real customers are saying...

It's a fact of life in the western world that all of us want to stay young and healthy as long as we can. Our weight is tied to that great healthy youthful feeling and even to our self-esteem.  It is irresistible to all of us to want to look and feel a little younger, a little fitter.  That's why so many companies out there have taken notice of this phenomena and are avidly working towards helping people to reach their weight goals.  And they want it to be easy and painless, enter the magic pill.  But there are so many how to choose?

Cytodyne, the manufacturers of Xenadrine came out with just such a magic pill. The energy packed ingredients are things like yerba mate, guarana and damiana, all tested to help people lose weight safely.  When you visit the website you find it is set up to move people quickly and easily to the sale.

What does Xenadrine do for you?

Now I am here on the website and I am assured I can burn fat weight quickly, increase my energy, get the body I want and get fast weight loss results.  Sounds incredible! Where do I sign up?   They are telling me I work too hard so I should get this pill that will do the hard work for me. Oh, but wait,  they also say this should be part of a program that includes a healthy diet and exercise...hmm, not completely magic. 

Ok, so what is in this magic pill?

Xenadrine has ingredients like Damiana that works to delay gastric emptying, letting you feel full longer. Yerba Mate and Guarana provide caffiene and energy boost that increases your metabolism to speed fat burning.  The site refers to a study done with those three ingredients and that the users lost over 11 lbs in a 45 day period versus the non-users who only lost 0.66.  The study was double-blind so each group took pills, but only half of them had the real pill.  Sadly, this article is poorly referenced on the web-site. 

In addition, there was no other mention on the website of what the ingredients were in the pill.  Consumers are concerned with what they put in their body particularly when the product in non-regulated, an ingredient list would add a lot to the site.

What are users saying?

“It gave me the jitters”, “Better to save my money and have a good strong cup of coffee”.    One reviewer read the disclaimer and consulted with a physician about using the product.  He was advised to leave it alone and just stick with diet and exercise.

Some users presented very practical applications of the supplement in conjunction with a workout and diet.  They reported it was an effective energy enhancer prior to a workout, providing them with lots of energy from the natural ingredients.

Another user said they didn't believe the pill really contributed all that much after they altered their diet and started carefully following a diet.

On the positive side one user said  “I take these pills only before I work out for energy.... I'll usually take 1-2 pills before a workout, and they intensify my workout big time.” Still another states  “I started using Xenadrine 9 years ago. I used it to help me loose 95lbs nine years ago. I have kept the weight off.”


There is a saying in business used when considering how to keep clients happy – under-promise and over-deliver.  Then the customer who expected less and got much more will be exceedingly happy with the results and tell all their friends, write great reviews and most importantly; buy more product.  However when marketing a product in a competitive marketplace, so often is the case that marketers need to make their product look the best and let’s face it, am I going to be inspired to buy a product that just works slowly and steadily when I think I can get something instantaneous?   It is a tough call.  While this product may be effective at increasing energy levels or suppressing appetite, the website is leaving me with too many blanks.   I would feel better about purchasing a product that has provided a list of ingredients and references to studies that have been conducted on those ingredients demonstrating there effectiveness.

Date Reviewed: November 30, 2011, 1:31 am
Reviewed by marilee
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