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Sustainable and affordable. This is really the basis to fat loss.


This is not magic. You would have to put into action and do as it says to get results.


This is really the answer to being fit forever.

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Y U NO FAT from Ka Mun
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Do You Have That Friend Who Never Seems to Get Fat?

We all have that friend. That friend who seems to never have to starve, enjoy eating and yet, never get fat. A lot of us, at some points of our lives want to lose fat and get fit. Because we do get fat. Especially when we get older, it seems like it gets easier and easier for us to get fat. But not that friend of ours. That friend never has such a problem.

Isn't that unfair? We might start to wonder and put the blame on our genetics. It's like it's in our blood to be fat. Why can't we be more like that friend of ours, whom we always wonder about and ask, "Y U NO FAT?"

When we do try to go on diet, starve or try out some slimming or work out program, everything seems to be fine at first. We start to lose fat. We become fitter. Everything is going great. But few months after we are done with the course or program, we get fat again.

So really, is something wrong with the programs? The methods? Actually many of these programs do work. Proven methods are there and available. The real issue is how do we maintain and live with being fit, post program. Think about it. How many slimming, fat loss or fitness programs have you tried? They did help you to lose fat for a while but they didn't seem to last or impossible to maintain. So what is the real problem here.

That is a problem of which that friend of ours, does not need to worry about. Why not find out from that friend what the real secret is? Maybe there really is a secret and it's not just because of genetics.

The Problem Is Really Us

Like it or not, the problem is really us and the way we live our lives. Our lifestyles. Our habits. People always say, "I can't help it. Fat runs in my family." Well to be honest, the real problem is nobody runs in your family.

Our lifestyles are very much similar to people we live together. The food we eat. The way our food is prepared. The amount of food that we eat and so on. We share the same kind of lifestyles and eating habits. It's only right that we are similar to one another, especially our sizes. Hence, before we decide to put the blame on our genes, we would be better off checking on our lifestyles instead.

"A good genetic inheritance may be an advantage but it doesn't mean everyone else who doesn't have such an inheritance cannot lose weight at all. So when some people reason by saying, "Oh come on, you've never been fat before. Being fat runs in my family, I can't help it," without even realizing, they are actually giving themselves an excuse to not do anything about it." - Ka Mun, Y U NO FAT.

Yes, it's true, some people can lose fat easier than the others and some might need to try harder. But that doesn't mean those that need to work it harder cannot lose fat at all. It would be a problem only if we decide to use that as an excuse to not do anything about it.

Change of Lifestyle

This is the basic to lose fat and be fit forever. To lose fat isn't hard. But to maintain isn't easy. Why? Simply because, the hardest part of all is a change of lifestyle. To replace our bad habits with the right ones. If we are not determined enough, this would never happen.

To go through all the difficulties and obstacles, we need to be mentally prepared. Otherwise, it would be impossible to walk through the whole change. Mental preparation is the first and most important step.

"This is the first step and this is the missing step for those who embarked on the journey to losing weight and got lost or gave up halfway." - Ka Mun, Y U NO FAT.

Though we might be psyched to lose some serious fat, we must not simply jump start to lose fat and ignore this very fundamental step. Otherwise, we're bound to give up halfway. Humans are creatures of habit after all. We are so used to living in our comfort zone, it won't be easy getting out and live a different kind of lifestyles.

However, when we reach our goal and become the person we set out to be, it's all worth it. And once our lifestyles are aligned to the lifestyle of the slim and fit, everything becomes natural. We are naturally slim and fit then. That is good news no? The question is if we are ready to accept this challenge.

It's Not Magic

Always remember, it won't be magical. Nothing happens in a snap of fingers.

"Such sorcery doesn't exist yet. Just take a look at all the fat witches and wizards in Harry Potter (pun intended). So face it. It's not magic and completely effortless." - Ka Mun, Y U NO FAT.

If you're someone who really wish to lose fat once and for all, the good news is, it's possible and while it won't happen magically without some effort and determination, it won't be as hard as you imagine also. You would still be having three good meals a day. You're not even supposed to starve. Just take a look at your lifestyle and see what is wrong, then change it. Find out what the lifestyle of the slim and fit is like, then align yours to theirs.

At the end of the day again, the problem is really us and the ways we live our lives. We can't do the same thing everyday and expect a different result. We can't rely on one single program that last for only 3 months or however long that is. What do we do after that? Go back to our normal lifestyles? Yea, and soon we would find the fat we lost creeping up on us again.

What we really need is some fitness lifestyle guides like Y U NO FAT. To guide us through thick and thin and teaching us how to live the life of the slim and fit. Once we understand what the keys to being slim and fit are, we just need to put them into use and make them part of our lives. Then it becomes easy and natural. We shall then be naturally slim and fit, having people ask us, "Y U NO FAT?" instead.

Date Reviewed: September 1, 2012, 2:20 am
Reviewed by Grace
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