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Yesterday offers a quick pace, with plenty of plot twists. It also has one of the best hint systems ever. The game is fun to play in general.


The game is way too short. The game has horrid graphics and the pace is so quick you never get a feeling for the characters. Voice acting is not good at all. The story never seems to find an identity. Is it an adult story of torture and murder or is it a censored visual game about the same?


Overall Yesterday is a decent game that you will ultimately be disappointed in at full price. What was a good idea is simply too short and flawed for the price point right now.

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Yesterday from Pendulo Studios/Focus Home Interactive
Yesterday PC Game Review
Rodney Southern rates this 2.5/5
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Yesterday (Pendulo Studios, PC) - FULL REVIEW

Yesterday is a game that came highly recommended by several gamer friends of mine, though they warned me going in that there would be things that I would not like. They know me well, as the game rubbed me wrong in some critical areas. The point and click adventure genre has not been overly strong of late and Yesterday continues that trend despite a heck of a good effort on the part of Pendulo Studios.

Not the best start for Yesterday

One of the first things I noticed was that the graphics were average at best and possibly even below. This surprised me as I was expecting a game that was slick from start to finish. Despite these graphics, the game does a good job of painting a picture of horror and murder...for a time.

As the game goes on, you suddenly start finding humor placed here and there. It is clear that they were going for tongue in cheek type humor, but it falls a bit flat against the dark backdrop and story.

Another thing you will notice right away is that the game motors through at a break-neck pace as far as plot and gameplay. While some people like this, I found it to cause the story to become a bit contrived. It also made it nearly impossible to gain any connection with the characters. I was half way through the game before I felt remotely "bought in" to the story.

Some saving graces

Interestingly, the things I did like about Yesterday were the things most gamers seem to hate based on the reviews I have read. I love that Yesterday's puzzles are lightweight and easy and I love that the plot twists in the wind. It comes across contrived but it certainly keeps things interesting.

Let me say this with the utmost confidence...If you like tough games then Yesterday is the wrong game for you. I am not the best adventure gamer around to say the least, but I still was able to beat this game with hardly any effort. The puzzles are extremely simple.

A great system for assists

In a genre where the hint button usually points out something you already know, Yesterday shines above the rest in a big way. The hint system actually gives you helpful hints. How is that for a novel idea?

In addition to that, the game offers up a point of interest button to keep you from being stuck at a given point for any period of time. This saves oceans of time in pixel punching so that you can spend the majority of your time hunting for answers.

Is it dark or is it just me?

Another frustrating part of this game is that you never really know what type of game it is. Consider that Yesterday is based in and around serial killings, torture and ultimate evil. Given this, the game shies away from blood and violence and almost seems like it was done for a younger crowd. I am all for toning down violence, but if you make your game based around violence, you kind of need to show it to deliver the goods you are advertising. Some guys dig that blood and guts stuff, right? Warp to me is a much better. 

Is it over already?

Every single review that I have read said exactly the same thing I said when I reached the end of this game. Is it over already? The game is extremely fast paced, which is good. The problem is, they did not do anything with all that time they saved. The game is over and you are left with unfinished story and a real pit in your stomach over the money you just spent.

Final Analysis

While much of my review has been critical, this doesn't mean the game was not fun. Yesterday was a fun game to play while it lasted. It had some headaches and bumps along the way, but the game was enjoyable. Unfortunately, the game being so short and the other problems kind of ruins that feeling when you get to the end. All in all, the game ends up very average at best. 

If a buddy has it, by all means go for it. If you can get it cheaply, then go for it. Otherwise, I would wait for this game to reach the cheapo bin. The price is just too steep for such a short offering with mistakes.
Date Reviewed: April 1, 2012, 10:00 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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