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The game has stunning graphics and great sound. The story line is solid but a bit cliche. The hidden object games are fun and challenging to at least the beginners in the genre. The price point is low for this as a download.


The game is way too short. The game has puzzles that are considered a bit easy for the pros of the genre.


While the game has plenty going for it, it did feel incomplete in the end and that hurts it. The games and puzzles were fun and the graphics were outstanding. If the game were longer and more complete, then the rating would have been higher than a six.

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Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy from Youda Games
Youda Mystery The Stanwick Legacy Review
Rodney Southern rates this 3/5
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Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy - FULL REVIEW

When it comes to downloadable hidden object games, my wife is a bit of an aficionado. She will sit down and devour one of these types of games in about an hour usually, while I will struggle through it from start to finish. Given this, I did a great deal of research both by consulting her and via the Internet to get my review of Youda Mystery. I played it myself as well so that I could give a rookie point of view in the genre.

A familiar story

This game starts off like virtually 75 percent of the rest of the hidden object games out there Ė in a house that holds secrets. The house has been inherited by a young girl named Emma who lost her parents at a young age, was sent off to boarding school by a grandfather and now wants to find some answers. These answers can only be found in the mansion she now owns, yet canít gain full access to. Many of the locks and doors in the house are hopelessly impossible to open, and you have to help her figure out how.

This is the crux of the game and it is functional enough. The story, while far from original, is actually quite good as you play through the game. The story overall is very solid, though the most common complaint that I hear online is that it is incredibly short.

How are the graphics and sound?

The voice overs in this game are the real stars as it feels like you are listening to real people in real situations. The sounds in the house are realistic overall and the creepy factor works great in the attic and basement areas.

The graphics are in HD and they are fantastic. Some people complained of the fact that they are far away, but this seems to be an eyesight problem. The graphics are stunning and beautiful in this game. In particular the hidden object areas are razor sharp.

Some other complaints out there said the objects were too hard to find but even I had little problem. This is not my genre and I was able to motor through the object finding areas with little problem.

What about the puzzles?

The puzzles were the only part of Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy that my wife did not enjoy. She said they were too typical and far too easy. I saw other players online agree with her sentiments and I will take their word for it. I had plenty of trouble but I already told you about my prowess in the genre. To long time gamers, the game might be overly simple.

Did they finish the game?

Another common complaint that came up in almost every review I read was that the game seemed far too short. I must admit that it seemed as though the game was being developed, never got finished and then got thrown together at the end anyway. At the end, you have things left over that never got used and it ends way too quickly for most people.

Final Analysis

Youda Mystery: The Stanwick Legacy is a game that most people will truly enjoy if they enjoy hidden object and puzzle type games. If they are long time gamers, they might find the game a bit easy. The game has stunning graphics and great sound. The story is also solid if unspectacular in its originality.

Having said all of that, this game is a solid entry into the hidden game/object genre of gaming. It comes as a download and is priced so low that the few shortcomings that it has are no big deal in comparison. I suppose some gamers will argue that point, but the majority rules in this review.

The majority puts Stanwick Legacy right in the middle of the pack for gaming enthusiasts in the genre. Youda did a good job with this one overall.
Date Reviewed: March 30, 2012, 11:13 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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Robert My wife and daughter love the hidden object games too. They don't like the pure "adventure" sections like "find x and put in y" but these games are cheap and fun. Great for tablets or laptops to keep everyone quiet on trips too! robert Rating
Fri, March 30, 2012 2:42PM • By: robertrssreport user
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