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The ZipperFixer really works!!

Have you ever been on the way out the door when the weather is 30 below and your zipper pull snaps off? Have you ever pulled up your favorite pair of jeans and the pull snaps off in your fingers?

Of course, nothing ever breaks at a convenient time.

I know they don't make zippers like they used to, and the majority of them are made of plastic and can break very easily. Last winter alone I hadtwo zipper pulls broke off. One coat was brand new and the zipper pull snapped off on the third day it was worn.

If you have children you have lots of coats and jackets and I can bet there are a few with broken zipperpulls sitting in the closet or in the mend pile.

It really does get frustrating to buy products and then have them break or not function property. I cannot send my children out the door when the weather is below 0 with a coat that does not zip. It also gets very costly to keep buying the same product over and over because of poor quality.

There isnt a lot of choices for fixing a zipper especially in a pinch. I live in a small community and finding someone to replace or even buy a zipper is extremely limited.

So when I saw the commercial for the ZipperFixer, I thought I would give them a try.

When I ordered them, I received two setsthat contained two sizes. East set contained 8 Zipperfixers. The set included4 of the larger size and 4 of the smaller size.

The ZipperFixer worked as advertised. The ZipperFixers were very easy and fast to put on. There was no sewing involved or any complicated instructions. They literally snapped on in seconds.

It is so simple. It couldnt be any easier to fix a broken zipper pull. The u-shaped wire goes through the zipper tab and the new pull snaps into place.

They can be used on virtually anything that has a zipper. You can use them on book bags, suitcases, jeans, pants, hoodies, coats, jackets and more. I also think they would be great to take camping to fix sleeping bags and tents. The Zipperfixerscan be put in a purse or wallet in case of emergency.

At this point, I have only used them on coats, but I can think back to all theitems I have thrown away because the zipper pulls have broken off and I could not afford to get them fixed. I also think back to all theitems I had to replace because the zipper pull was broke.

The only conwith the product is that one of theu-shaped wires did not fit in a zipper tab ofone my jackets in need of a new zipper pull(the hole was to small). It is the only reason I rated the product a 9 instead of a 10.Everything else about this product is fantasitc and I can't seem to say enough about the time and money it can save on fixing broken zippers.

These dayswe needto go green, andit makes good sense to fix a product instead of filling our landfills with items that could be fixed and reused. It also makes good economical sense to spend a small amount moneyto fix an item instead of buying new.

The ZipperFixer is really worth the money. I recommend them to anyone and everyone. It really is a smart product for those of us who cannot afford new coats every time a zipper breaks or a new pair of jeansthat took years to break in.

It is a well made product and a product that could save you valubletime and money.

Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 8:57 am
Reviewed by melissa
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