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Lets you level quickly. Helps you choose class, race, talents and professions Works in-game to do anything you need at the time Very easy to install


It might make your friends jealous when you've outpaced them


This is a solid WoW guide that works while you play. You can find every hidden secret, get every hard to find item, get unique titles and blow the competition away.

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Zygor WoW Leveling Guides from Zygor Guides, LLC
Zygor WoW Guides Review
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Zygor WoW Leveling Guides (World of Warcraft) - REVIEW

WoW or World of Warcraft is the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game of all time. With tons of celebrity endorsements and millions of players worldwide, nothing else even comes close. There are new MMO's on the market such as Star Wars: The Old Republic but World of Warcraft remains the big boy on the block. 
For someone who has never played World of Warcraft before, it can be quite an overwhelming experience once you leave the starter zone, affectionately referred to as "Noob Island" by veteran players. Your Noob Island will vary depending on the race you choose. A Blood Elf will start in a lush forest while a Troll will start in a rather barren wasteland. These starter areas familiarize you with the basic mechanics of the game and will typically spit you into the real world around level 10. The question then becomes "What the heck do I do now!?"  This is where the Zygor Guides can help. Let's break down some common Q and A about WoW and the Zygor guides themselves.
How Long is the Wow Tutorial?
This is a tricky question. I myself have a level 80 Blood Elf Warlock (I stopped playing before Cataclysm came out). This was my first foray into any kind of MMORPG at all. The way the first series of quests works is to give you a little background about the world you're stepping into and familiarize yourself with your chosen class and professions. How long it takes you to do those quests can vary quite a bit depending on the goals you have in place for your specific character.
The choices are very overwhelming for a first time player. What professions should you have? What race? Should you be a good guy (Alliance) or bad guy (Horde)? These are all decisions that you should research a bit before even creating your character. Different races have different inherent skill bonuses like +10 enchanting and what not. This is where having a Zygor Guide could seriously help you out. You don't want to finish 10 levels only to realize you don't even like the character you're playing.
What Do I Do After Level 10?
In World of Warcraft, around level 10 is when you'll step into the real meat of the game and end up in one of the major cities. There will be all kinds of real players wandering around doing all sorts of things. Not all of them will be nice to you. In fact, the majority of them won't. This is because you're new and they will be able to tell. You're first experience can be a good one where you play along because you really know what's going on, or a bad one because you've got a large target on your back.
Most of the game from level 10 on will be based on a few things and these are:
Questing - You'll get a mission from someone, complete it, then return to them to collect your reward. You'll gain experience along the way. This can be very dull, time-consuming and frustrating if you end up dying a lot.
Dungeons - Your first available dungeon adventures will start popping up around level 10. For Horde characters this will be Rage Fire Chasm. This is where you'll first find "elite" enemies that are hard and you'll need a group of friends to come along and help.
Raids - Raids are like dungeons but extremely hard, very long and require even more people.
Crafting - This will be a combination of your professions. You can mine ores, make weapons and armor and much more.
What Do I Do At Max Level?
Once you reach level 85, you may wonder what's left to do. There are basically Raids, Dungeons, PVP Combat and achievements. Using the Zygor Guide, you can find all those questgivers you may have missed while flying to and from various zones and will locate questgivers you may have missed. This can lead to many different items, secret missions and special achievements. 
It's a real pain to just run around talking to every npc you see just to see if they have a quest for you. I tried this for months. Trust me, you do NOT want to do it. It has the potential to make the game no fun at all. Having a guide show you where to go makes it easy on you and brings joy to the questing process so it doesn't seem like "work".
This Sounds Complicated, Will The Zygor Guide Help??
Absolutely! Having a Zygor Guide will help in many more ways than you think. It functions WHILE you're playing the game. It doesn't ruin the experience of the game by just listing what to do, instead it has a "recommendation" feature to help YOU decide where to go and what to do to get the best experience possible. Nobody wants to have their hands held through the whole game and this won't do that unless you specifically ask it to (which is nice for veteran players looking to level quickly). Let's go back up a bit and show you what the Zygor Guide will do for you throughout the game.
Questing - With the Zygor Guide you will know who gives you quests, what the recommended levels are for those quests, where to go and what to do. This is EXTREMELY helpful. It will even show you what an item looks like that you may have to recover to complete a quest. These can often be tiny little objects on the ground you can barely see. Why get frustrated and attacked by enemies constantly while simply trying to find the right trinket laying on the ground? You can sort quests by region, type, difficulty and rewards. If you're doing something tedious, might as well make sure it has a good payoff.
Crafting - The Zygor Guide will make a note of where certain things tend to pop up. This could be veins of ore, special herbs or anything else you may need. This is much more efficient than wandering around randomly hoping to get lucky.
What Else Do I Get With The Zygor Guide?
This is actually a bunch of things in one single package. You can play any race, and any faction with any profession and you can automatically get a specialized guide for it. This works for your level as well. These updates are completely free too. WoW is famous for having multiple seasonal events and some take a lot of work. A guide is priceless for that.
What Do Others Think Of Zygor Guides?
CrazyPanda (Zygorguides Forum)
"I got zygor guides and was kinda skeptical about it. but it works and fast i was so surprised im leveling so fast and getting titles.  I leved from 1-45 in like 5 1/2 hours"
ControlAltDelete (Mybroadband. Forum)
"Ok so i know how time consuming it is to level on the official, so far i can tell you with the Zygor Guides you'd knockoff tons of time when leveling..."
Official Zygor Guide Video
Introduction To Zygor Guides
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The Bottom Line On This Product
When I began playing WoW, I had no idea what I was doing. Even now if I start a new character it can be irritating trying to find where to go and what to do to maximize my leveling time. This guide works while you play the game so you don't have to keep alt-tabbing to do a search for an item, quest, npc or strategy. It's all right there, ready to go. Just click, pick what you want and BAM, you've got it, along with arrows to keep you on track and a nice list of suggestions to make things easier. It's a good buy and does just what it says it does.
Date Reviewed: January 23, 2012, 7:57 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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