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This a program that can be done in the privacy of your home. The workouts are intense and you get results.


Some of the exercises are not easy to perform. However with time and practice, you become adjusted to the awkwardness of the moves.


I think this an exellent program for those who are looking for a more intense and unique workout.

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Kettlebell Kickboxing from Dasha Libin
A Review Of Kettlebell Kickboxing
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Kettlebell Kickboxing: Is it for you?

Kettlebell Workout
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Ketttlebell Kickboxing

Kettlebell Kickboxing is the latest fitness and exercise program that is used primarily by women in the fight for fat loss. This program attempts to focus on parts of the woman's body that are difficult to train. Kettlebell kickboxing is a popular training platform because of the intense workouts and quicker fat loss results.  


Dasha Libin Anderson

Kettlebell kickboxing was developed by Dasha Liibin Anderson a well known fitness expert and martial artist  She has experience many different forms of martial arts and is more than qualitied to teach and train people in this unique form of exercise. Dasha's kettlebell experience is part of her heritage.  Being of Russian heritage she recieved her exposure to kettlebell training from her grandfather who was an instructor for the Russian army. Dasha's devotion and dedication to the principles of these two exercise form does not go unnoticed as she has received recognition and numerous awards for her knowledge and dedication.


Kettlebell kickboxing combines the two separate forms of exercise and combines them into one complete program.  Both kickboxing and the kettlebell have been around for many years and are very good platforms for getting into shape. Kickboxing is a martial art that consist of kicks and punches and is primarily seen as a combination of different arts together. Kickboxing is inclusive of any stand up martial art that utilizes the feet and hands to fight.  Kickboxing gives this program the stretching and flexibilty that is needed for shaping and toning the muscles.

Kettlebells are used for weight lifting and was developed in Russia during the 1700's. The kettlebell is a cannon shape object with a handle attached to the top.  The kettlebell is a great exercise that focuses on building strength and endurance.  This is especially true for the body parts such as the lower back, legs, and shoulders. The kettlebell also is known for increasing the grip strength in your hands. The continuous movements and repetitions are what is used to increase the grip strength and the core. This is a result of working many muscles at the same time. Studies have found that working out with kettebells in a twenty minute session will burn more calories that when following  a reguar weight lifting program.

However as with any exercise program diet is just as important as the exercise.  Eating the right foods in conjunction with a good exercise platform will increase your chances of getting that body you want and deserve.  Although the dieting does not have to be drastic it does need to be a well balanced plan. Burning more calories than you bring in is the key to achieving weight loss.  With this program you can accomplish the weight loss goals that you set for yourself.

The kettlebell kickboxing program is a four DVD set that focuses on difficult parts of a woman's body.  The DVD's show the classic kettlebell moves as well variations on kickboxing that are use improve strength, and flexibility. The movements are meant to give your body a workout that ensures burning calories and get a good cardio workout in as well.


Kettlebell kickboxing is a program that should be well worth the price for those looking to lose weight and become fit.  Combining the kettlebell training with the kickboxing makes for the type of exercises that can and will help to control weight gain and become fit through the training.  Although primarily marketed to women I think men would find this program to be equally challenging as well.  I recommend to women and any one interested in fitness to give this unique form of exercise a try.

Date Reviewed: April 5, 2013, 3:05 pm
Reviewed by evan75
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