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This video brings great conversation to families at Christmas about Santa paying a visit.


Pictures should be in landscape or horizontal in order to take full advantage of this software.


I thinks the Santa Video is a great remembrance of the Christmas holidays for those who really enjoy this time of the year.

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The Santa Video from BHO Enterprises
A Review Of The Santa Claus Video
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Catch Santa In the Act!

What is the Santa Video?

The Santa video is a creative way of showing your children that Santa is alive and well. Parents can capture video footage of Santa caught in the act of delivering Christmas gifts. He’s delivering to all the deserving little ones. This video is truly one of a kind as it places Santa in your home eating cookies and milk left out for him.

How does it work?

The Santa video is created through three steps that allows for you to create a high quality video of Santa Claus, visiting your home. Using what is called green screen technology, parents are asked to upload a picture from their home. Selecting a Santa Claus scenario to use and then letting the software superimpose Santa Claus into your living room.

You are able to see your streaming video online or download a HD copy to burn to DVD. You are able to edit as well as add to YouTube. Customers are able to receive both a streaming link in addition to a 360 Mpeg video downloaded through high speed. The system uses two servers to ensure the highest quality video for Christmas morning.

People are able to add songs their video by choosing through a collection of classics. Once finished the video can be embedded on websites and shared through Facebook, twitter, and email.

What are good uses for the video?

These videos can be used to prove that Santa Claus does exist and delivered gifts on Christmas morning. They also can serve as online Christmas cards. Use them to create jokes and pranks to fool friends and family. Also use them to create special and unique invitations.

What pictures are needed for this creative process?

The pictures needed for this process can be supported with formats of .jpeg, .png, and.jpg. Images need to be taken landscape or horizontal for best possible image. The software prefers landscape to vertical. The pictures have to be recropped and therefore may look funny if not taken in landscape mode.

The company has taken great measures to ensure that the process is made to look as real to your home as possible. The props are all generic and are all used to give a very realistic look to your children. The cookies and milk are all very ordinary looking and will pass the test of fooling your kids.

Using the Santa scenario’s gives parents the perfect props needed to show Santa Claus visited your home.
The Santa Claus video creation is a one of a kind service on the web. The testimonies and responses to this great video can only enhance the memories and happiness brought to you and your family.

Once your video is created you are given a link to stream live on the web. You also receive a high quality version that can burn to DVD.

The is a family owned company that has been around since 2009. The spirit of Christmas can be seen through their Santa video’s that are meant to create excitement at this special time of the year.


This is a very unique type of video that will bring years of memories to those who embrace the Christmas spirit fully. Kids will not only get a kick out of this video but not to mention the stories that can be told. Stories about how parents hid somewhere in the house waiting for Santa Claus to appear.  

I give the SantaVideo a hearty go when comes to pleasing and bringing thrills to young ones on Christmas morning. I think this is a video many parents will want to make for their children.
Date Reviewed: November 16, 2012, 9:03 am
Reviewed by evan75
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