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Angry Birds Space Play Review From: Rovio Games

Addictive like the rest, a whole new experience with the inclusion of gravity fields, cool new birds.

Force closes a lot on the TF101, A little vague on the instructions

Definitely worth the download - but save your pennies and grab the free version instead of the HD, unless you are a die hard player and need the High definition experience.

Angry Birds Space REVIEW - is it worth playing?

Angry Birds - the game that has forever changed how we go to the bathroom. The most addictive game franchise since WOW has released it's newest episode "Angry Birds Space". 

Is it worth all the hype and is it as addictive as the rest of the series?

As an avid Angry Birds player, having played all of the episodes from the original through to seasons I was anxiously awaiting the release of this new episode as it promised new and challenging levels and a whole new physics engine with gravity  fields. 

First impressions

After a quick search for "Angry Birds Space" on the android Market Place now named Google Play I was a little shocked to notice that the first App that showed up was the HD version which is a paid version of this new installment. 

Just below the paid HD version was the FREE download of the game - Phew! - Almost lost it there for a minute. 

After downloading the app to my Tablet and running it for the first time I noticed that there is a pretty drastic upgrade on the graphics for the game. The interface is what we Angry Birds players have come to expect and are used to. Unlike other installments of popular games there is no shell shock with the new UI, no major changes here just some upgrades to the graphics and the birds (more on that later).

Game Play

Lets get into the guts of the game and what made this franchise so utterly addictive. Does this new installment live up to what have come to expect from Rovio games. 

At first glance on the first few level were so unbelievably easy  - I mean 3 stars for just loosing a red bird on the level. The first thing that you notice with the game is that there is now a targeting line when you draw back the slingshot. Just as you think WOW that is going to make this game so EASY! You realize that the slightly opaque white areas on the levels are actually gravity fields that change the trajectory of your birds when they reach the field.

Aside from the nice little gravity fields that are in the levels you quickly realize that a bird not fired into a gravity field will just aimlessly fly off into space never to be seen again. Ok so sling shooting birds in space is a little different than previous Angry Birds editions - there are gravity fields and zero gravity space to worry about. This is getting quite interesting!

Once you have played a few levels you start to understand how the birds react to the gravity fields and realize that once a bird has done its initial damage it's usefulness is not over. The gravity pulls not only depleted birds but all of the loosened objects in the environment around causing extra damage and chaos. Sometime a slung bird that you think is going to have little or no effect, in fact pretty much clears the level for you.

Angry Birds space story
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The birds

I am only through the first two sections of the game but what I have noticed is that there are some very interesting changes made to the birds and their effects on the environment.

  • Red Birds - The staple birds seem to have gotten a little bit of a damage and speed boost with the use of gravity speeds they can be sped up to some serious speeds and are much more capable if positioned right.
  • Blue Birds - Our little splitting birds much like the red birds are now a little more volatile inside of the new gravity fields and are a very effective bird later in the game.
  • Yellow Birds - Are no more, the yellow bird is now a purple bird which when you active the speed up bonus will rocket towards the point on the screen that you touched. This is quite confusing at first but once you get used to this power-up you realize just how powerful this bird can be for surgical strikes on pigs or weak points in the environment.
  • Freezing Bird - *NEW* In the frozen levels of the of space a new seemingly useless bird is unlocked. At first glance this birds seems like a pain and a waste of shot when going for 3 stars. That is until you nail a weak point in the environment and trigger the power-up which not only does some explosion damage but also freezes everything around it. Firing in a blue splitter bird at this point does incredible damage.

Areas of Improvement and Performance

My testing of this game was done on the Asus Transformer TF101 (Android ICS 4.0) - There was a lot of game freezing and force closing. Usually when a bird gets lost in space the game would freeze and force close.

With that said - on the Transformer playability was smooth and no lagging on the Tegra 2 processor.   

As noted previously there is a paid version in HD but even on a 10" screen the regular version graphics are crisp and not lacking in detail.


Angry Birds Space delivers what we have come to expect from the franchise. The space physics are extremely fun and add a whole new element to the game. If you are looking for a change from RIO then Space is the game for you.

Bonus: There are some mini games that can be triggered in the levels which are kind of fun - not well documented in the game and a little confusing when they popup but none the less an interesting addition to the already fun game.

Date Reviewed: March 23, 2012, 2:27 pm
Reviewed by Matthew Chitty
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4 Reviews
Robert My whole family enjoys this one because the gravity adds a more to it then the other versions which are the same as the first pretty much, just with different backdrops and new puzzles.

We play on a Samsung Galaxy tablet.
robert Rating
Mon, March 26, 2012 1:03PM • By: robertrssreport user
Rodneys I dig it but I do love the first one better still. I guess maybe I am a purist of the angry bird type....Who knows? Great review Matthew! rodneys Rating
Wed, March 28, 2012 11:06PM • By: rodneysrssreport user
Lisawrite My daughter loves this game! lisawrite Rating
Thu, April 19, 2012 8:10PM • By: lisawriterssreport user
Monkibyte love this game its adictive but must remind myself like all games in moderation :) monkibyte Rating
Mon, March 03, 2014 8:49PM • By: monkibyterssreport user
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