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the pros of this company and product i can go on for days. but i'm just going to state what i think is the most important. First, the price. when i was doing my research on other products, their starter kits were really expensive. And for what they are giving to you in the starter kit is just not right. Apollo starter kits start at $70 and you get two batteries, 5 cartomizers, a USB charger and a wall charger, and also a portable charging case which really comes in handy when you are out and about. Another


the cons of this product and company is that it needs more flavors. apollo ecigs only offer about 5 flavors in their pre-filled cartomizers. but they also sell blank cartomizers which allows you to fill it up with different "e liquid". Also its not sold in stores. you have to buy the cartomizers on their website. but since each cartomizers equal one pack of cig, this shouldn't be an issue with most users.


by far the best e cig on the market.

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apollo ecigs from apollo
Apollo Ecigs
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The best e-cig on the market so far

The ApolloElectronic Cigarette comes in a very sleek package.The packaging of the actual contents of the box are simply laid out in separate packages within the box, located on a black velvet background, which matches the sleek style of the outside of the package. It comes with two chargers, One for the wall, and one that can be plugged in to your computers USB drive, two batteries and as well as five cartomizers.The wall charger plugs into a charging pack shaped like an actual pack of cigarettes which was very appealing. By simply screwing the battery into this pack, you are able to view the strength of the battery on a small screen on the front of the charge pack. Also useful, was the manual included, which gave start-up information, and instructions on using the product. It also provided contact information for further questions about the product.

The Apollos automatic battery left me very pleased. From the first puff I took, an abundant amount of vapor was released. This product left me very satisfied with the vapor amounts, and throaty feeling that a real cigarette leaves. The battery was sensitive, a normal draw produced a satisfying amount of vapor. The battery life lasted for around 3-5 hours, although the first few days of use it seemed as if it stayed charged all day.
As mentioned before, the amount of vapor produced is very satisfying. It leaves that throaty sensation that you get from a real cigarette. I tried all flavors for the product including, tobacco, cherry, vanilla, menthol, and coffee. Personally, I am a menthol smoker, so I enjoyed the menthol cartomizers the best. Coffee was another favorite flavor of mine, as I found it to taste the closest to a real cigarette as any of the other flavors, including tobacco.
I was very impressed with the Apollo.Aside from some room for improvement with their flavor, the appeal from the presentation, battery life and actual vapor produced left me very satisfied and would recommend this product to any one transitioning from actual cigarettes. the only problem i really have with this company is that their products are not sold in stores. so if you are a heavy smoker, you are gonna have to keep stocked up on their re-fills so you won't go back to traditional cigarettes.
Quality you can afford. Performance you'll love. Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

side not.... Apollo is giving away free disposable ecigs for a limited time. just click this link or copy and paste, , to receive your free ecig or to buy your first starter kit. the starter kits start off at $70 for the standard one and goes up from there. they provide different types of ecigs to please peoples taste. The re-fill for a pack of 5 are $12.50. but when compared to the cost of traditional cigarettes, is really cheap since you will be paying almost twice the amount of the re-fill cartomizers. so just think about all that money you are going to be saving when you switch to an apollo ecig. Apollo also sells e-liquids and blank cartomizers. So if you are not pleased with the pre-filled ones you can try their different e-liquids. i believe they have about 12 different flavors of e-liquid to choose from. Apollo also give you a one year warranty on their products and a 30 day money back guarantee. I hope my review was helpful to you guys. remember to click on or copy and paste this link and receive a good deal on your starter kit. also apollo has amazing coupons on their starter kits so thats even more of a reason to choose apollo
Date Reviewed: January 17, 2013, 1:43 pm
Reviewed by cocochanel
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