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++Great performance++ ++Stylish Design++ ++Fine Quality++


--A little too heavy-- --Unnecessarily long, hence a little uncomfortable-- --Slightly overpriced--


If you some cash lying around and need some nice, good looking premium portable headphones, the Beats By Dr. Dre Tour are the headphones for you!

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Beats By Dr. Dre Tour Earphones from Beats By Dr. Dre
Beats By Dr Dre Tour Earphones Review
Wil4u4eva rates this 4.5/5
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Amazing Quality; Amazingly Portable...

Product Name: Beat By Dr. Dre tour In-ear headphones
Product Type: Headphones
Design: In-ear
Manufacturer: Beats Electronics
Sound Output Mode: Stereo
Weight: 0.7 oz
Connection type: 3.5 mm audio jack

Whats in the box?
Beats By Dr. Dre Tour In-ear Headphones
5 Pairs of different sized ear-buds tips
3 Pairs of triple air lock ear-buds tips
Carry case: which is extremely useful as it is very well designed, light, and tough too. An excellent add-on.
User Manuals1 year warranty.

Compatibility:The Beats By Dr. Dre Tour headphones are compatible with any music player/phone/computer that provides a 3.5 mm audio-jack out port. The Control Talk feature that is available with the standard model is compatible with only a select range of apple models like the iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.The earphones work better with the software component provided by Beats Electronic on high-end htc phones and hp notebooks called beats audio.

 Beats Electronics has been producing high quality audio equipment since 2006! 'Beats By Dr. Dre Tour' in-ear earphones are yet another great addition to the list...These earphones don't just look great but they sound great too! I am reviewing the black version. There is also a white and a purple version available.The metal design adds up to the beauty and 'richness' of the earphones. As far as the technical specs are concerned, the earphones come with MicroStrand conductors,  Patient Magnetic FluxTube, 24K Gold Contacts and in-ear noise isolation. They weigh about 0.7 oz.  The come with the obvious 3.5mm audio-jack.
These high-end earphones come with flat, rubber cables that feel great and never get messed up! The tangle-free cables feel really sleek in the hand and seem much like a piece of jewelry than just earphone cables! The earphone cables are extremely durable as well. They are a patient for Beats Electronics. The rest of the design is all metal which looks great too, though is a bit heavy which causes the earphones to fall off sometimes (the problem can be solved if you don't mind having those included ear-hooks hanging around your ear).
The earphones provide great bass and treble capabilities. Titles like Skrillex's 'Bangarang' and David Guetta's 'Metropolis' sounded crisp clear and I was typically blown away by the recreation of bass. The sound was way more impressive in comparison to other headphones like JBl's Tempo in-ear headphones or the CX 180 street by Sennheiser. Performance-wise I'll give the tour a very handsome 9 on 10. Flaws in the sound-recreation are very rare...
The noise isolation feature is also pretty nice to have. Your music is delivered intact even in the noisiest of environments (tested it beside the road!). The noise isolation works better with the triple lock ear-bud tips. Though some other contenders by Monster Electronics and even by Beats Electronics provide better noise isolation, the tour also work well enough. I'd rate the noise isolation feature a steady 7 on 10.
The Control Talk feature (which is available in the standard model) is also a nice add-on if you own an apple device (yeah right. The Control Talk feature works only on select apple devices, like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc). You can control the volume, answer and end calls, and pause and play music using the buttons provided on the cable itself! Its a shame that this feature doesn't work on other high-end phones as the iPhone is no longer the usual choice for music lovers. Paired with the beats audio software component, the headphones work even better. The difference is not extremely noticeable but still sure does improve the sound quality.
**Update: A complete redesign has been done and kind of solves the previous design issues. The newer earphones look even better, but cost a little more too**
Date Reviewed: July 9, 2013, 9:07 am
Reviewed by wil4u4eva
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