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Bitdefender provides support for most platforms and operating environments. This company has been in business for over ten years and have a solid reputation for Internet security. You can download and try Bitdefender for free before buying it.


The program does add some slow down time to your system but this small and toloerable.


Bitdefender is a solid company that has a reputation for providing quality Internet securty for your business and personal devices.

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Bitdefender 2013 from Florin Talpes: CEO
Bitdefender Review
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Bitdefender 2013: How does it stack up?

What is Bitdefender?

Bitdefender is a software company that provides Internet security for all of your devices. The anti-virus software works on your personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.  Bitedefender anti-virus software has been around since 2001.  The Romanian based company has the reputation of providing your device the best protection in online security. Bitdefender offers home and business protection. Now into its sixteenth version Bitdefender makes a great choice for those seeking a full feature security suite. The software  is available for not only PC users but Mac users as well. 

Key Points:

Bitdefender can act on its own in making most security decisions without input from you. The Bitdefender autopilot allows the software to work independently and make decisions for you. There are no alerts and pop-ups as this is controlled and taken care for your convenience. 

Bitedefender Safepay allows for a secure and safe connection when making banking transactions or online shopping. The Safepay features opens another browser page that is secure for your business needs.

You can safeguard your device from loss and theft with an anti-theft lock. Your device can be tracked and found with the anti-theft lock. Important files can be deleted through a remote signal or lock the device

A two way firewall that allows for monitoring your Internet connecitons.and keeps hackers from getting into your Wi Fi.

The anti-spam feature keeps unwanted email from reaching your inbox.

The vuneralbilty scanner tracks for outdated security software and any unsafe system settings.

There is whats called a virtualize browser that isolates the browser from the operating system in a Bitdefender area that is used to block web based threats.

Bitdefender can monitor your social media accounts and keep your accounts private and safe from infected links sent to you from your friends on the site. 

Anti-fraud filter will detect and block fraudulent websites that have been known to be scams and illegal in nature.  Another benefit to this software is the free credit monitoring service that is available. However this is only available to those in the United States.

Installing the software can be a little time consuming because of the user input needed to set up and create an account.  However the interface itself is very user friendly.  The drag and drop functions lets you perform the necessary actions in the main window.

This suite of anti-virus software was given an excellent review by PC world as having superior protection and very user friendly. Bitdefender earned high marks during their real world attacks test that determine how well new anti-virus software blocks attacks for malaware.  During the test it was shown that Bitdefender blockes one hundred percent of the attacks.

A free online virus scanner called QuicScan can be used to detect viruses and malaware. The virus scan uses in the cloud scanning technology to quickly detect issues with your PC. Because it concentrates more on the present threats, The scanner uses minimal system resources to hanlde the threat as oppose to the more resources needed by other scanners.

All of the Bitdefender products can be downloaded free for thirty days on a trial basis  Trying this product for a month will give you a better insight as to the efficiency of this software.  


Bitdefender is a proactive antivirus that provides state of the art protection and security from e-threats in both your home and business. This software is used by millions and has provided a viable solutions to their Internet protection issues from malaware and viruses. Investing in the Bitdefender suite for your devices will ensure that you have the protection needed when doing your e-commerce shopping or banking online.










Date Reviewed: May 7, 2013, 1:15 pm
Reviewed by evan75
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