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For a beginner or a newbie in internet marketing this is great way to start. You can begin your online marketing business without purchasing a domain name, web-hosting, content creation and graphic design. For those with knowledge in generating online traffic this is a good deal since all you need to do is generate traffic.


It has an upsell for the PRO version. If you do not have any knowledge or using in using aweber or auto-responding programs you will have to find time learning to build list and setting up your aweber.


This is a good buy for those who want to begin making money online immediately.

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CB Passive Income from Patric Chan
Cbpassiveincome Review
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CB Passive Income by Patric Chan Review

I have been searching the web for ways to make money online to teach to my real estate apprentices build their online marketing skills. Something that would motivate them to learn how to create niche traffic to their real estate advertisement sites and at the same time they will also earn while learning.
After trying several programs and subscribing to many gurus, I found this CB (stands for ClickBank) Passive Income appealing because the system creator Patric Chan was endorsed by a real Billionaire named Robert G. Allen. I always believe that if you wanted to be a Billionaire you think what Billionaires think and do what Billionaires do. I believe that Partric Chan is creating a very well organized system to help ordinary people at least experience earning passive income.

The CB Passive Income delivers what it promise in this video
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CB Passive Income automates the following in their standard license program:a. Website Designb. Website Contentc. Squeeze Paged. Email List Capture Toole. Product Researchf. Emailing Product Offers to Leads
The CB Passive Income Console contains the following in their side bar menu: the "Welcome", you will see a video Patric Chan welcoming you to the program.
On "My Profile" you will see your Username and Password Reset Form. You can also customize your CBPassiveIncome Website Link here. Reminder: Once you customize your Unique Link you must not use your Auto-Generated Unique Link anymore or else it will go to Patric Chan's database and not to you. You can check this by visiting the squeeze page and if you see your name on it then the leads goes to you.
On "Training" you will get into a Step by Step method on how to generate traffic to promote your secret webpage link for free. You can find a PDF file on what you must do during the 14-day trial so you can begin making money online. I the PDF guide and I generated 5 sales amounting to $105+ in commission. I used this money to buy the CBPassiveIncome Pro version. Only to find out that I have to learn Aweber to use it. :)
On "Your Unique Link" you will find two  system generated unique links which you will use to promote your "secret webpage" If you chose to change the system generated link into your customize link on "My Profile" then you do not need to use these system generated link anymore but rather use your customized link.
On "CBPassiveIncome Pro" you will see how to set-up your aweber account. I suggest that you will learn first how to use Aweber before purchasing the Pro Account. If you already know how to use email lists program like Aweber then upgrading to CB Passive Income Pro is a good decision.
On "Fast Cash Series" you will see an invitation to join the inner circle of Patric Chan, this will bring you to another dashboard or console. The Fast Cash Series contains advance training on how to make more money online. I suggest you enroll on the The Fast Cash Series if you are already making cash from the CB Passive Income standard license Training.
On "Reports" you will see the number of "Raw" Visits and "Unique" Visits to your secret webpage. The "Raw" includes your own visit to your secret page.
On "Lead Details" you can see the number of people who signed-in your CBPassiveIncome mailing list. Patric Chan's team will then send them once a week offer of saleable products from clickbank and you will make commissions from it.
On "Affiliate Program" you will find links to additional tools to promote CB Passive Income as an affiliate. I suggest you still use your secret page link rather than the clickbank affiliate link because people signing-up on the affiliate link will not go to your CBPassiveIncome Leads database.
On "Update" you will get updates from Patric Chan.
On "FAQ" you will learn more about CB Passive Income from frequently asked questions by other users.

You must supplement your ownership of CBPassiveIncome License Program on learning different ways to create traffic online may it be paid or free. For newbies, traffic generation is what you need to learn and focused on because CBPassiveIncome did the complicated stuff already.

Date Reviewed: November 6, 2013, 12:21 pm
Reviewed by Rovel
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