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Comprehensive, step by step approach with in depth material and scientific background. Follow up email lessons and an update already underway, plus the author is personally reachable.


Priced higher than the majority of self help products out there.


Crack Your Egg is a strong candidate if you are looking for a scientific, step by step approach to breaking free from limiting beliefs permanently.

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Crack Your Egg from Henk Schram
Crack Your Egg Review
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Crack Your Egg Review – A Breakthrough Self Help Program?

The first time I heard about this new program, I had to double back to make sure I got the name right. “Crack Your Egg? Are you serious? This is a weird name for a self help program,” I thought to myself.

At first, I assumed that this name was simply a “placeholder”, and that the real name would be revealed during the product launch. But no, there it stands today, a brand new personal development course with the most unique name I've heard (and I've heard quite a few).

Now at this point you might be thinking that the name is only a marketing gimmick, and that the contents of the course is another rehashed version of the same old lessons. Well, I am here to tell you that couldn't be farther from the truth.

In fact, this program is probably the most advanced self growth course I've come to experience, and in this Crack Your Egg review I share to you why I think so.

The problem with personal development programs

The problem with many other courses available out there is that they are often too vague and conceptual. You've probably read that you “have to believe your dreams without a doubt until they manifest”. But in my own experience, believing without a doubt can be very difficult.

Now I'm not pointing fingers and saying that these methods don't work. There are a few gems available out there that do make the cut and deliver on their promise. But for most, I find that they lack in substance and application.

If you're like me, you've probably tried out various self improvement courses, books, and training but you haven't yet found one that can truly help you experience a breakthrough in life. Or at least, you mix and match them up together and get some results but they are only temporary and not long lasting.

This is exactly what Henk Schram, the author of Crack Your Egg, dreams to do with his method. He aims to help people overcome what he calls their “eggshell” - a cocoon of low vibration energy that blocks you from breaking free and living a fulfilling life, permanently.

If this sounds familiar to you, it should. The point Henk wants to share here is that his program is not a fancy new approach – on the other hand, it returns to the fundamentals of self improvement. His method focuses on truly identifying your limiting beliefs (or eggshell) and the right techniques to clear your life from these beliefs.

You can watch this video below for my first impression of the Crack Your Egg program:

Crack Your Egg Video Review Inside Member's Area
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What makes Crack Your Egg shine from the rest

You might be saying, “that's nothing new I haven't heard before.”

True, and like I said, this program doesn't attempt at being new. What it does is attempt to provide you with a step by step, systematic approach based on hard science and empiric research to break free from your eggshell. This angle alone already makes Crack Your Egg stand apart from the rest of self help courses available.

However, that is only one out of the many good things I can say about this wonderful program. Above all, the one most admirable quality of this product is not from the product itself, but from the author. Henk is very approachable – he answers to his emails privately, and is very generous with his time over at the Crack Your Egg Facebook page.

Besides the fact that this is a substantial course designed for long term results and targeted at the people who are serious about their self development, the kindness and generosity of the author is what I feel becomes the main guarantee that this program will live up to great expectations.

Click here to learn more about the Crack Your Egg program.

Date Reviewed: November 26, 2012, 6:20 pm
Reviewed by denydritz
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