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A facelift to D7000 with additional features. An improved sensor, works well in low light, impressive continuous and fast shootings.


Doesn't come cheap but worth it. If budget is a problem, a modified D7000 works as well.


This is a camera for everyone who needs an upgrade and love fast beautiful pictures with no budget problem.

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D7100 Nikon Camera from Nikon
D7100 Nikon Camera To Buy Or Not To Buy
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You know you want to buy the D7100 Nikon Camera, but?

D7100 Nikon camera came out earlier this year. This is a significant upgrade from D7000 Nikon. While it retains the same high standards of D7000, it comes with a new sensor, an udpated AF system, an improved build quality and more.

Actually by now, you should know well enough what D7100 Nikon is all about. You have already done your research on the specs, comparisons and all the other necessary details. In fact, deep inside, you know you want it, or else you wouldn't be here. But still, you have this tiny little doubt and fear that you might regret buying it.

This lens would show you exactly why you should just buy it and why you should not. So, read on. No doubt, D7100 is an excellent camera. But, of course, it's not necessarily for everyone. So is it really for you? Let's find out together.

Key Features

* 24.1MP DX format CMOS sensor, with no OLPF

* EXPEED 3 processing

* ISO 100-6400 standard, up to 25600 expanded

* Max 6 fps continuous shooting in DX mode, 7fps in 1.3X crop mode

* 51 point AF system, 15 sensors cross type

* 2016 pixel RGB metering sensor

* Spot white balance in live view mode

* 1080 60i/30p video recording, built-in stereo mic, mic jack and audio monitoring jack

* Pentaprism with 100% coverage and 0.94X magnification

* 3.2", 1.2m-dot LCD screen (640 x 480 X RGBW)

* Front and rear IR receivers

* Equivalent water and dust resistance to D800/D300S

* Get More Technical Details

Overall performance
In a word, awesome. But given the price, Nikon D7100 camera has to be awesome and nothing less than that.

As mentioned, it didn't fail to keep all the sweet qualities of D7000 Nikon. With the amazing colours and built-in flash, Nikon D7100 is pretty much the same as D7000.

But good news is, it also comes with an additional stereo microphone and headphone jack for video shooting, a higher resolution sensor, 51 vs. 39 AF points, a slightly bigger LCD screen, and an OLED data display in the finder, which is the first among all SLRs.

Plus, the sensor has an improvement on its readout speed over D7000's. This is due to better design instead of having more channels for outputs. Plus, because of the upgrade to the current Expeed 3 image-processing engine, there is also an obvious improvement to the noise reduction. Sweet.

And while Nikon D7100 camera actually has the same sensor resolution as of D5200 Nikon, the sensor itself is not the same because it does not come with the Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF), also known as antialiasing filter.

The camera works on the same level of quality as D5200 when doing a single shot photography in broad day light or bright light. However, when it comes to auto-focusing in low/ dim light to no light, D7100 is definitely a premium and it could do continuous shooting very impressively.

Improvement has also been made to the contrast live view auto-focus and the silly pulsing that seems to happen whenever focused on still objects when shooting a movie clip no longer happens. It has been fixed. Hence now, it is highly stable. Not only that, it also works faster than D7000's.

Why is D7100 Nikon for you?
First and most practical issue to deal with of all. Money. If spending an extra, say about $1,200, isn't a problem to you, you are already half way to clicking the buy button. In fact, you should just click on the buy button already. Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Indeed, D7100 Nikon price does not come cheap. And that is one of the reasons why you know you want it but have yet to buy it. You might be doubtful whether it is worth it and if you would regret spending that money.

Slightly bigger than D7000 yet a little lighter than it is. Extremely well designed and comfortable to use. D9100 Nikon is basically for everyone, especially those who always move around and travel a lot and love taking pictures in low light. And it is perfect for those who enjoy fast-shooting and love telephoto shooting.

So, unless you have issue with spending that money, you most definitely want this camera in your hands right now. It is worth every penny of it. You will enjoy it so much, you won't want to put it down. There shall be no regret.

Just think about all the amazing pictures you are about to take with this new toy of yours. You can check out the review video and sample pictures below and if those aren't the kind of pictures you're looking to snap at, then maybe you should reconsider. Otherwise, now is the time for you to click on the buy button and own one.

The Verdict

If money is indeed a problem for now, don't worry. You can still take fast beautiful pictures. A modified D7000 Nikon camera works well too and cost slightly lower.

Only when you are ready to spend, then you get a D7100 or maybe some other new camera you find suitable that comes along the way.

However, if right now, money is not an issue, there is really no other reason for you to further contemplate if you should buy it or not. Just buy it already.

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Date Reviewed: July 9, 2013, 9:04 am
Reviewed by Grace
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