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It isn't a superfluous read. The value you get for the price is truly amazing.


The budget for the suggestions made.


A definite must-read for people looking for an easy way to supplement their existing income.

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EasyMoneyTrail - The Formula That Paves The Way To Your Success! from
Easymoneytrail Ebook Review
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The Easiest Roadmap Toward Finding A Credible Source Of Income Online!

I have read literally hundreds of eBooks on the subject of making money online, but none compare to this one.
It provides a comprehensive step-by-step roadmap with tools that every entrepreneur should have in his/her arsenal.
It breaks things down in easy to follow steps, which outline exactly what you need to do.
I felt as if I was reading a treasure chest map, and following each footprint to the big X mark.†
Each bit of information is a golden nugget of priceless information..

After buying it, I finished reading it in one hour.† It's a short read.† The time it took me to implement the suggestions was
a little less than a week.† I found the process enlightening, since I had never created my own website.† The author of the
book makes it so easy, that he even suggests in helping with the creation of the site by selecting one of his Fiverr gigs.

The tools are priceless, and after following his suggestions, I started seeing money slowly coming in after the third week.†
I created my own info-product and followed some of his suggestions as far as promoting it.† I can't believe how easy it
is for virtually anyone to make their very own eBook.† There's a tool that does most of the leg-work for you.† One thing is for really need to stick with it for more than 3/4 hours each day.† Since it is like having your very own business, you
are responsible for most of the legwork behind its promotion.† The majority of the time involves getting the site promoted.
But like any business, the key to being successful is repetition.† That's what I learned most from this success formula.
Beyond the creation of a website and an info-product, the main ingredient toward success is maintaining a steady flow
of content in your site with the tools that he tells you to invest in.† The good thing is the investment is one time, and it
is reasonable, and should be within each entrepreneur's financial capability.

The author has some nice Fiverr gigs ( in helping the people who buy it to get it done
even quicker.† I bought a couple, and found his solutions and advice very helpful.† Since I was a novice on the whole
creation process, the thing I liked about his explanations was he guided the reader in a very simple manner.† The graphical
images he used throughout the book were also very helpful.† They provide an easy guide to orientate you on how and
where to locate the things you're suppose to.†

Another thing I liked was his SEO breakdown.† He reveals some nice, easy SEO secrets that most people hardly ever
mention.† I liked his concise method of explaining the money formula.† That content is one of the biggest keys toward finding your online success; but, finding what and how to say it is equally as important, since that is what will give you your SE rank.† The other part that I agree with him is the squeeze page implementation.

I have worked with Squeeze pages in the past.† His methodology is practical and the WP theme he suggests is unlike any other. The bonus pack he provides along with the ebook is very helpful.† There are squeeze templates and graphics you can freely use.† He even has a keyword list of phrases and word combinations that work.

Overall I like his approach, since it is practical.† Being someone who has tried it already I can speak first hand.† It honestly does work; and I found a new found inspiration at something that I see myself continuing on for some time to come, since I donít see this online trend being phased out any time soon.

Date Reviewed: May 7, 2013, 1:16 pm
Reviewed by George Papas
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