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The concept of intermittent fasting is well evidenced by scientific research and Eat Stop Eat is a practical, detailed plan for using IF for fast fat loss and muscle gain. It's cheap, and there is a trial offer available so you only pay if you think it's worth it.


It of course, requires effort. You'll need to follow the diet AND do train in the prescribed way to get the results. Otherwise, there's not much to dislike about this product, and that's the reason for it's current popularity.


Eat Stop Eat is tested, proven, simple, affordable and it can allow you rapid results in both fat loss and muscle growth. Highly recommended.

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Eat Stop Eat from Brad Pilon
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Eat Stop Eat: What You Need To Know First

Anyone considering trying the new intermittent fasting program Eat Stop Eat, needs to know exactly what it's about, whether it works, how it might do so, and whether it's suitable for that individual, in their own situation.

If you're here I'm going to assume you know a little about Intermittent Fasting already, so I'm going to save you an explanation of that. In very short form, it's a way of eating (or rather NOT eating) that's been studied since the 50s and with very positive results. A

s ESE creator Brad explains in the video on this page, fasting does to your body what exercise does, (increases growth hormone, increases  your metabolism, burns calories etc) so a program of fasting with proper training gives a massive boost to the effect of that training...

OR, as the lazier among us have rightfully found out... Fasting can even replace exercise to a certain extent. It can allow people to lose fat, while retaining muscle, without exercise (not that this is the specific focus of ESE. I doubt Brad would condone this... just know it's possible).

What Actually Is Eat Stop Eat?

So Eat Stop Eat is basically a simple but very well tested and proven guide that shows you how to integrate Intermittent Fasting into your diet starting this week.

The creator, Brad Pilon is a muscle head from Canada who changed to Intermittent Fasting after years of hard bodybuilding training and dieting. As he mentions at the website, he's been able to stay more lean and maintain more muscle through IF than he ever could during the most hardcore of his bodybuilding diet days.

The course has been available for a couple of years, and during that time, both men and women have used it to attain rapid fat loss results.

Is It Hard To Follow?

If you have never tried fasting before, it will take some getting used to. Most people say it is a week before you really start to feel comfortable with it BUT that you will always lose fat (and water) in your first week despite it being tough.

What's good about Eat Stop Eat is that it lays out everything you need to do, so while it will be a challenge in the first week, you will be prepared for that challenge, and you won't be having to stop and wonder "Is this normal?", or, "What do I eat now?".
Many people claim that after a week, they actually find it easier than their previous diets for the simple reason that... you just don't spend as much of your time thinking about food. You're not forever in the kitchen, you're definitely not counting calories, and you're getting your eating done in a smaller fraction of your day. While of course, you see the changes in your body in the mirror.

Is It Expensive?
As far as diet programs go, it's NOT expensive, and for multiple reasons.

1. It's a $39 digital book, so you don't have to keep paying for it every month, you don't have to buy certain foods, or pay for certain consultations. Further, you buy it on a 3 day trial for $9 to start out. This means you try it and you only pay the full price if it works for you. That certainly does NOT happen at Jenny Craig.
2. You will be eating less food AND spending less time in the kitchen which also means less money on cooking preparation stuff. Saving money while losing weight is a great proposition.

How Fast Can You Get Results?

Reports about how much weight people have lost seem to vary.

I've found reports of a guy losing 10lbs fat in his first month on the diet. That's with no lean muscle gain.

I've found reports of people losing a few pounds of fat in their first week (the diet often quickly shedding their water weight).
And I've found other reports of fat loss of up to 30 lbs over an 8 week period.

There are many claims of extraordinary results using Eat Stop Eat and combined with the science behind it's principles, this offers high credibility.

Does It Work Long Term?

It's in the long term that this diet really shines. Many users of the ESE system claim that it "changes the way they look at food". After the initial tough phase, it becomes an easier, more enjoyable and more healthy way to eat than however you were eating previously. It doesn't require iron will power or "obsession with diet" (in fact, that's one of the things Brad says he personally wants to eliminate from our culture.).

That's why the diet appeals to me, because it can give dramatic results without taking up all of your mindspace... all of your life.
Date Reviewed: August 22, 2012, 10:03 am
Reviewed by James Listal
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