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iPage is a green company and one of the most affordable in general.


If you site does a lot of traffic, be clear about your needs before speaking with a sales rep.


Very favorable! Ipage is an excellent choice for businesses with green integrity!

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IPagecom Web Solutions For Green Companies
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iPage REVIEW- Web Solutions for Green Companies

The practical reasons to go with iPage:

As a leader in web hosting with 6 worldwide locations and serving over 1,000,000 websites you'd think would "feel" corporate. That was the biggest surprise for me. Everything from the way they communicate to the layout of their site reflects the balance iPage strikes. A balance which takes into account the range of needs and user resources required by their diverse clients. Packed with information, their website is easily navigable. They offer discounts to their users through partnerships with companies like versign, google and shopsite and their live chat is monitored by liveperson which keeps companies accountable by allowing customers to leave feedback on their support experience. Coupled with their anytime money back guarantee and hosting that starts at just $3.50/month iPage is more than competitive. They're at the top of the pack for affordable hosting.

The green reason to go with iPage:

It's heartening to see has chosen to be conscientious about their impact on the environment. They have purchased enough Renewable Energy Certificate (REC's), to offset their energy use by 200%. So every iPage hosted website can proudly display a Green Certificate badge, sending an important message about conservation and encouraging other business owners to follow suit. The only other companies I've found in my research to compare are Green Geeks and Hostgator. Hostgator's RECs are 130% also sources their energy locally so if that's important to you I would check them out as well.

What's the downside:

Based on actual user reviews in forums iPage has limitations which may or may not be relevant to your hosting needs. In a nutshell, those people doing big business on the web and looking for low cost high traffic solutions saw their rates climb and were not happy about it. They also complained about iPage sales support. Generally speaking, iPage gets very favorable reviews across the board from users. If you anticipate fast growth for your site my recommend is to have a thorough conversation with sales support and know your needs. 

I remember when I purchased my first car I got totally burned because I walked into the dealership and may as well have had "sucker" emblazoned on my forehead. I had no clue what the negotiating points were. Second time around was much different! I had done my research and knew clearly what I wanted as well as where there was wiggle room on the dealership's end. 

Know your needs.

In the case of your web server, consider the type of business you're running. iPage is one of the top ranking hosts out there. They offer hosting at a bargain and they have the added benefit of being a green company and enabling you to preserve that continuity if it's important for your business, your image or for your peace of mind. 

For anyone running a word press site, blog, small business site it's basically 6 of one half dozen of the other in terms of which hosting company you go with, from a tech perspective. My own webhost gets slammed in the forums yet I've never had a problem with them. That's because they meet my needs and my needs are fairly standard. 

If you have exceptional circumstances with regards to your website then do your research so you're clear what your needs are. Maybe you need cloud hosting, in which case make sure you get specific with the sales rep so you won't have any costly surprises once you're entered into your agreement. Frequently people's complaints arise because they didn't anticipate their own needs and they held the hosting company responsible when it failed to conform. Basically, use common sense and if there is something out of the ordinary with your site, be clear about that with the sales rep. 


If you're running a blog or small business site and you're looking for a world class hosting company that's doing it's part to be accountable for the environment, I highly recommend

Date Reviewed: January 21, 2012, 11:30 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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