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The money is there to be made for the product. The idea is a solid business model. The program appears to be thorough. The price is reasonable given the prospective returns.


The owner is a bit unknown. The sales page is long winded making one wonder about the material. The product comes across as a bit over the top promotional.


Despite some minor concerns, I do rate this as a solid buy overall. iPhoneDevSecrets is a great business idea if they deliver even half of what they promise. My research says that they do or they have very quiet complainers.

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iPhoneDevSecrets by - REVIEW

Occasionally I get the pleasure of reviewing a product that I am genuinely surprised by and iPhoneDevSecrets was one of them. I am a gamer myself and I love the idea of making one up. The inventor side of me has also thought up several app ideas over the past year and wondered about how to turn them into money. Then along comes this product on my radar to review and I started seeing the dollars fall out of the sky.

Suddenly I was rich beyond my wildest dreams, bought my dream Jaguar and retired to Captiva Island off the Florida coast.

Okay, I am going to assume that you know I am yanking your chain here. No magic happened just yet. I do have my mind open to the possibilities however, and it is a reality for some folks that have apps and games among the top 100 for iPhone and iPad.

Is the field of study a viable business venture?

Facts say that iPad and iPhone apps and games are making people insanely rich in much the same way that Google Adwords once did for website owners. In fact, the iPad and iPhone apps and games are even more volatile, making the field of study even more enticing. Fewer people are involved and most are afraid to take the leap.

Leave it to programming and code to scare off your competition, right? So, bottom line here is that I like the idea behind iPhoneDevSecrets and was hopeful going in.

There is money there to be made.

What does iPhoneDevSecrets offer you?

First of all, the sales page for this product is insanely long. The video goes on forever and by the end I was ready to scream. Then, after I thought it was over, it came back once I was static for a bit. Bottom line, the sales page in unnecessarily long winded.

The product is a great idea, however. iPhoneDevSecrets offers you a four week training program on how to turn your app or gaming ideas into actual products that earn money on the app and gaming marketplace. The money is there and iPhoneDevSecrets says they can walk you through the process.

This brings me back to the sales page. If the owner of the product is that long winded in the material, I would never make it through. Still, he was thorough and complete in his explanation of what he is offering.

One troubling aspect however, is I never caught the guy’s name or even anything about him. The only details he gave were his financials and the steps that led him to a working business model in the iPhoneDevSecrets area. That is a bit frustrating for me as a buyer. I want to know who I am working with and learning from.

Still, the program looked promising assuming they could deliver what they say. Four weeks of easy to understand advice about how to develop an idea, produce the idea and then finally market and sell the idea within the Apple marketplace.

What do others say about the product?

This is where things get a bit dicey. After literally hours searching, I found only affiliate links online and comments in those affiliate postings. Most of them were clearly just trying to make some cash, but some were actually forthcoming about some of the downsides of the product. One affiliate mentioned that the program was a bit long in delivering information, and I would totally believe that. Another mentioned the fact that much of the info is readily available on the Internet for free, but to be honest that is true of most any product. Part of what you are paying for is having it gathered for your convenience.

The most common complaint I saw was that the product was a bit expensive, but at $99 it is a drop in the bucket if it works. The problem is I could not find any non-affiliate reviews by someone saying it had worked. Then again, I did not find any complaints about it either.

One thing I have learned as a reviewer of these types of products – if they are scams they will have people screaming all over the Internet. This company has no such thing.

Final Analysis

Given that this is a research only review, I will say that iPhoneDevSecrets looks great to me. I found nothing to change my mind about the general idea of the product, and the facts and analysis given by the sales page seems spot on with my research. With no poor reviews I have only minor reservations and questions about the product, but feel confident that it is a solid buy.
Date Reviewed: April 10, 2012, 2:47 pm
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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