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Cool white color, extra storage capacity and access to all the great Apple apps through your iTunes account.


The camera is not as impressive as the camera on the iPhone.


This is the perfect choice if you want everything the iPod Touch has to offer but with more storage capacity.

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White Apple iPod Touch 32 GB from Apple
IPod Touch 32 GB Review
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Apple iPod Touch 32 GB Gives You More Storage Capacity

My daughter wanted me to get her an iPod but I was not sure which one would be good for her and would offer everything she needed in one.  After doing a great deal of research, I decided on the iPod Touch with 32 GB of memory in the color white (her choice).  This is a fourth generation iPod and one of the reasons I liked it is because it came with so much memory, more thanthe 8GB version of the iPod Touch.

This is perfect for anyone who does a great deal of downloading or who takes a lot of pictures or videos and wants the extra storage space directly on their device.  My daughter is always taking pictures and videos of our family and of her friends and she likes to keep them on the iPod to show her friends.  Since the price was good too, it seemed like a no-brainer but there was more that also helped make my decision.

Product Details

  • Comes with a Year Long Warranty
  • Lots of Storage Space
  • Long Battery Life
  • Large Display Area

You have your choice between black and white and I have to admit, the choice was difficult for me personally. My daughter was sold on the white, like some people who know they want one or the other. But if you’re still trying to make the decision for yourself, there are some pros and cons to each. Some people prefer the black because it has more of an electronic, sleek feel to it but the white actually makes the screen look more crisp and clear. Ultimately, the stats are all the same but the color choice depends on your personal preference.

Other Reasons I Bought This

I wanted to make sure I had a way to contact my daughter but I do not feel she’s old enough yet to have her own cell phone.  This iPod fits the bill perfectly because I can send her text messages or video chat with her as long as she has a WiFi connection. 

My daughter really enjoys listening to music and loves the Cover Flow app that shows the album cover for all her songs and she can choose her music by simply flipping through the cover art.  There is also the Genius feature that allows my daughter to play her favorite song and then finds other songs that go well with it. 

It’s just cool! Let’s face it, preteens and teens love gadgets and Apple products are a highly sought after on the wish list of young people. One reason we got it is simply because she had been desperately wanting one for so very long.  

Some Things We Do Not Like

I am disappointed in the quality of the camera that is supposed to be top of the line in both the front and the back.  The photo output is ok but not what I would expect from a camera that is reportedly high definition.  When taking pictures from the front of the camera, the output is only a photo that is four inches by six inches and if you try to scale it any larger, it is pixilated.  While Apple says that you can stream your videos and media onto any other device or even an HDTV that has WiFi and you can, the output quality is not what I expected.

What People Are Saying

J. Austin says, “The camera was one of the 2 main things people asked for. The other being the Retina display. My assumption is that Apple didn't want to affect iPhone sales and purposely dummied down the camera. Shame on them. They want us to pay $240 to $400 for an iPod with a terrible camera.”
Matthew R. G. Russell claims, “I wanted an iPhone 4 as soon as it came out; I already had a 2G iPod Touch and loved it. But I can't commit to the contract right now and the full price (outside of contract) version is really beyond my budget. So I made a conscious decision to wait for the iPod Touch, aware that it would probably be a compromise.”


Since my daughter loves to take pictures and video, we were just a little disappointed by the lack of true high definition output but at least the photos are crisp and clear when they are in the original size.  The Apple iPod is great because she can store all of her music (and continue collecting more daily) and she can take and share pictures, text message with me from anywhere she has a connection, and play games and all of her favorite apps.

I am still glad that I bought this for her since she wanted one so much and since the price was comfortable for me.  I would highly recommend the Apple iPod Touch 32 GB to anyone who does not want to buy an iPhone with a contract for a mobile phone carrier but who wants all the great Apple features. However, if you don’t need a lot of storage, you can save money buying the 8GB version instead of the 32GB.

Date Reviewed: May 7, 2012, 9:29 am
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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UnbiasedReviewer Love the device as an inexpensive alternative to an iPhone. 32 GB is perfect for my music library. Front-facing camera is sufficient, but rear-facing camera is low quality and images that are taken with it are really pixelated. UnbiasedReviewer Rating
Fri, September 14, 2012 10:10PM • By: UnbiasedReviewerrssreport user
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