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over 100 video tutorials plus lifetime membership to updates for one flat fee.


some of the vids may cover topics you don't need answers on. You can't ask questions.


Far more cost effective than paying for private instruction.

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Ipad Instructions REVIEW Of Ipad Pete
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iPad instructions REVIEW of iPad Pete

Welcome to Apple Ipad:

My mom got an ipad from her friends as a gift and I could not have been more excited for her. I've been a mac user for years. She has an ancient pc she's used for basic stuff like checking her email. She was also excited because she had heard me bragging about my macbook's ease of use for years. I also spent some time bitching and moaning whenever I had to use her antiquated piece of crap pc.

Apple Ipad User Guide?

When she started complaining to me about her ipad… she couldn't get it to do this or that and there was no apple ipad user guide, I was skeptical. My mom is definitely not a techie so I just assumed she was having trouble for that reason. Who needs a user guide? I'm not a techie either, but one of the things I really love about my macbook is that I don't need to be. I have a theory that computers are  designed and conceived by people with a certain type of neural wiring… the way they problem solve, the way they organize information, the way they store information… these people have minds that work in a specific way. A way that my mind… doesn't work in! I'm left handed so I'm used to being in the minority around the topic of neural wiring. I've just accepted my fate… that my brain is structured differently than the majority of people. What I've always liked about Apple products  is that the seem to be designed by people who think more like me. I intuitively understand how to navigate apple products.

Ipad instructions???

Or so I thought. I was spending time with my parents one day and wanted them to hear a song I like and read something I had written, so before I left home I decided to email myself an mp3 and a word doc and download them onto their ipad. I made the naive assumption that an ipad was just a mini macbook. Oops. So I arrived at their place and immediately realized my mistake. I went to the app store to find an application that would read my word doc and started fishing around online to figure out how to play my mp3 because I could not seem to download it into itunes. That's when things got irritating. I found an app for the word doc, downloaded and installed it… but no go. I couldn't get it to open my document nor could I figure out what I was doing wrong. I did finally get the mp3 to play after a lot of effort… but I couldn't tell you how. I found the whole experience surprisingly frustrating and altogether un-mac-like. 

No Apple Care for ipads:

I suggested mom use her apple care and set up an appointment at the genius bar to get a lesson. What?! No apple care for ipads? I was shocked!  Supposedly the ipad is so incredibly intuitive you don't need instructions. Huh? Look, this is an extremely cool device, don't get me wrong... but c'mon. It's as if Apple forgot that not everyone is a tech wiz. So my mom spent $60 to have someone come over for an hour and guide her through some stuff. She made a good start with it but realizes that with everything she'd like to learn it's not going to be economical to continue with her private tutoring. 

What to do?

That's where ipad Pete comes in. Ipad Pete has put together over 100 easy to follow video tutorials for the ipad. He covers topics ranging from web tips and tricks, email, reading on your ipad, app fun and productivity, listening to music (thanks Pete!), organizing photos, watching video, exploring maps, as well as the latest iOS 5 updates. He also offers a lifetime membership to his course which is included in his one time fee. Lifetime membership gives you unlimited access as he maintains and updates videos to keep them current for your ipad, future generations and system software.

What I love about ipad pete is that in addition to giving incredibly simple and easy to follow tutorials, you get to learn at your own pace and choose the video relevant to your needs. With over 100 videos he covers an incredible range of topics. Some cover features you are familiar with but may not know their full functionality, some are for features you have tried to use and struggled with and some are for features you weren't even aware of having! 

Ipad Pete offers the perfect solution for your no apple care for ipads blues! The cost for all is just $97 and I really wish we had known about the option before mom paid for an hour of time, to learn a fraction of what she can learn with ipad Pete.

My final thoughts: 

If you've run into similar problems getting the most out of your iPad, I highly recommend checking out ipad Pete. He offers a 60 day money back guarantee so there's really nothing to lose. 

Date Reviewed: March 21, 2012, 10:27 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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