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iphone 5

 Apple has improved the iPhone just enough to make sure it's still the best smartphone.

The iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter, and quicker than its  competitors, and it now features a 4-inch screen.

Powered by the new Apple A6 processor and now with the ability to connect to 4G LTE, the iPhone runs faster than ever. 

Well, all of those picking up the iPhone 5 will have the same reaction: this thing is amazingly light. You've probably heard the numbers by now (20 percent lighter than the predecessor, as well as beating most of the opposition too at 112g.).

You'll probably see the change in height, too – the iPhone 5 stands 4.87-inches tall to allow for the larger 4-inch screen. In truth, those not familiar with the iPhone 4S probably wouldn't notice the difference, which is why it's a good move from Apple to include the larger screen if it's not going put people off that hate larger phones.

One change that’s sure to annoy longtime users of Apple products is the new slimmer Lightning connector, used for plugging in a power cord or connecting to iPhone-compatible peripherals. Those who invested in iPhone docks, alarm clocks or have charging plugs won’t be able to use them with the iPhone 5 without purchasing an adapter. Apple sells them for $29.

The other major knock against the iPhone 5 is that it no longer has Google Maps in IOS 6. Apple has gone with another supplier for its maps. Still, many people saying it doesnt work good , it really isn't that bad. There are plenty of reports of major errors in the mapping data and embarrassing graphic glitches but it generally has the basics covered. Its ability to provide turn-by-turn directions makes separate GPS units unnecessary. And if users really miss Google Maps, it's still available within the browser and a link to the website can be added to the home screen.

The iPhone 5 also comes preloaded with a new version of Siri,  which can now respond to  about local points of interest, provide directions, check sports scores and search for movie screenings. But  it's not always a time saver and is often an annoyance. emails generally worked very well, with only the odd mistake that needed correcting. Apple continues to say that Siri is in "beta" mode, meaning they don't consider it a fully polished product and more of a work in progress.

The iPhone 5 includes 4G LTE connectivity for the first time. 4G LTE is almost 10 times faster than 3G and is a welcome addition for the iphone 5 These speeds are also great for downloading apps, which users can download over 4G LTE as long as the app size is less than 50 MB. Based on these speeds, users may be able to download a 50MB app in about a minute to a minute and a half.The speed of AT&T 4G LTE and Verizon 4G LTE is similar, but Verizon offers coverage in more locations.LTE has been available in the US for some time — particularly on Verizon — but today's launch of the iPhone 5 represents the single biggest LTE hardware deployment to date. Indeed, the carriers have tried to be prepared for this occasion: Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint have all put their nationwide LTE build-outs in overdrive lately, and they're promising that many more markets will be live before year's end

with all this said I think, if you have an iphone 4s there is no need to upgrade but if on the 4,lower,or just need a new phone get the iphone 5,faster,lighter,taller,great camera,and a much nicer design,what else do you need!

Date Reviewed: December 21, 2012, 12:19 pm
Reviewed by javieraranda21
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