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Since many people own iPhones there will be many features and benefits to owning one as well. Ex. iMessage, iCloud, iPhoto


Newer versions of this phone come out quite frequently so your iPhone will never stay up to date for long. It is also a very fragile phone so invest in a good case.


The iPhone is a simple quality phone with everything you need.

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iPhone 5s from Apple
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iPhones: Overrated or Amazing Phones?

When you think of a cell phone the iPhone is the first thing that pops up into your mind. Most of my friends, co workers, neighbors own one so I'm assuming they're one of the most popular cell phones around. Do they deserve that title though? As an iPhone 5s owner myself I do believe the title is deserved. 
I use my phone for texting and calling mostly. I also use my phone for an alarm clock, a time consumer (games, music, apps), and for reminders. For these uses I believe the iPhone is the best phone around. It's simple to use and pretty straight forward. For all the basic things a cell phone should be, the iPhone is there for you. I don't use my phone for business purposes. But if I did, i could see where some issues could arise. The battery life of the iPhone isn't the greatest. I usually have to charge my phone twice a day to keep it alive. 
The iPhone camera quality continues to amaze me every time I take a picture. I go on hikes frequently and always take pictures of the gorgeous scenery and the iPhone camera does a great job capturing the view! 
The appearance of the iPhone is stunning. It looks professional and classy without a case on. And if you don't want it to look like that? Purchase a case that fits your style! The iPhone is a very fragile phone though. One drop can easily shatter the screen and fixing that can be quite costly. I recommend investing in a good quality case. As to pricing I'm not really sure where the iPhone stands. I had a 2 year contract with Verizon awhile ago and I owned an iPhone 4s. The 2 year contract was way to long and my iPhone 4s stopped working properly after downloading ios7. iPhones always come out with frequent updates since new versions of the phone come out pretty often too. After each update your phone will start to become a little slower because the update is not meant for the past versions. This is a downfall especially when you're on a 2 year contract because you can't upgrade the the newest version of the phone. The iPhone also has some very common problems. Many phones will end up with broken home buttons or lock buttons. My last iPhone's lock button stopped working. If you have insurance on your phone, Apple will replace your phone with a new one. It's a good deal since you're basically getting your phone fixed for free but it's kind of a hassle. Changing your phone means re-downloading all your apps, losing all your pictures (unless you use photo stream) and just setting up your phone all over again. It can be annoying but its better than having a lock button that doesn't respond when you click it. The finger print scanner is the only thing that makes the iPhone 5s different than the iPhone 5. And actually the iPhone 5 is now discontinued. But I honestly love the scanner. Its a lot more quick and convenient than a passcode. But also if the passcode is your preference you can still choose to use that. There are rumors that if you have the fingerprint scanner set up, people can find ways to get in to it. Now I don't doubt this since it doesn't seem like the highest quality finger scanner. But again, it is just a cell phone. You can call your phone carrier company and have them shut off your phone if you notice it missing so to me it is not that big of a deal . 
Date Reviewed: January 27, 2015, 10:04 am
Reviewed by rubatious
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