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Light Takes Flight With Itluggage The Worlds Lightest Travel Companion Light As A Feather You Be The Judge From: itLuggage

it Luggage is set apart from any other. If durability and mobility were not enough, this travel companion is virtually weightless, and fits the needs of all consumers.

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LIGHT TAKES FLIGHT...with it Luggage!


We've all been there! You've just finished packing up both your little kids and your big kid's (aka husband's) belongings, and the last thing you want to do is pack your own. Upon arrival to your terminal, you walk from the parking garage, strap your child into his or her stroller and begin playing the mind game pondering how you will manage your child once you check your bags. You are already weighed down. Walking to your gate, you now have a child strapped to your back, and you are dragging that old dilapidated suit case down the halls. Wheels stick, it flips over a few times, and you think to yourself, "If only I could do this day over?"

A woman comes over the loudspeaker, and you hear each group number being called, signifying the likelihood that your luggage will be lucky enough to take up residence in the cabin area above you. Your number is announced, and you cloth yourself like a pack mule and make your way toward the front, risking precious time needed to take your seat and safely store your belongings. DON'T weigh yourself down any longer! LIGHT TAKES FLIGHT...with it Luggage. It truly is the best kept secret among travel companions. It can weigh as little as 1 to 2lbs, and comes with an outstanding warranty.

After purchasing it Luggage, I made it my job to tell everyone I know about this new discovery. It is virtually weightless when comparing it Luggage to any other piece I have ever owned, and it is great for trips of all kinds. One of the best features for me, is the it Luggage warranty. In my experience airlines have lost and ruined so many of my bags, so there's a sense of relief that comes over me to know that it Luggage provides such a service for it's customers.

it Luggage can be your overnight bag, physically saving you from unwarranted stress on your body, and it can be your extended stay vacation bag, being that it is overhead compatible. The 360 degree spin is attractive to those in the market for a new piece of luggage, and the material is easy to clean. You can find it with both a hard and soft shell, available in all shapes and sizes. it Luggage first began in the UK in 1985, and has since spanned the globe to include regional offices in the United States, China, Hong Kong, and Australia, to name a few. I found mine at my local TJ Max.

The name "it" comes from International Traveller, and was only recently changed. In October of 2012, the company advertised that the hard shell found on the luggage can even take a bullet...and yet even with such a promise, the company still ensures that each piece is light weight.

I truly can't imagine ever returning to another brand after my experience with it Luggage. Women are known for never packing light, so for those of you who fit that description, this may be your saving grace. No more worry when you place your bag on the scale, that you may have to pay a fee for not meeting standards. With a bag that weighs less than 5lbs, you can fill it to the brim, and still pass the test. Don't limit yourself, and instead choose a company that expands your options and takes extra care to provide excellent customer service. So close your eyes and say the words, "LIGHT TAKES FLIGHT...with it Luggage," , because even as a single woman who doesn't have a child strapped to her, that alone is like taking a vacation from worry.

Visit itluggage.com today, and browse through a vast number of pieces that fall under categories such as, weight, durability, capacity, and cabin approved. Can you keep a secret?
Date Reviewed: January 3, 2013, 12:00 pm
Reviewed by b4review18
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