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The Medicus clubs really do help you get your swing on the right plane and tempo.


Can be disheartening at first, any flaws in your swing will cause the club to unhinge.


One of the few training aids that really helps to ingrain muscle memory and forces you to swing correctly.

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Medicus Driver & 5 Iron Training clubs from Medicus Golf
Medicus Dual Hinge Review
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Medicus dual-hinge training clubs - Will they correct your slice?

In the world of weekend and amateur golfers there is a steady onslaught of "Game Improvement" equipment and training aids. Each boasting its own claim, whether this be to add 30 yards to your drives, correct your slice or lower your scores. With so many promises and an infinite number of training aids to select from (with more coming out all the time) you have to ask your self "Do any of them really work"?

Well the short answer is YES pretty much all of the training aids out there will do exactly as they are designed to do! Many of them have a slight side affect of making you look like a complete fool when wearing or using them. Whenever I think of training aids I am constantly reminded of a scene from the golf movie "Tin Cup" when Kevin Costner's character is standing in his trailer wearing dozens of different training aids to help correct his "Yips" (to no avail of course)

The fact is that at the amateur level of golf  there is no real way to instantly correct flaws in your swing, there is no magic 30yrd devices and, most of all nothing will drop your score by "10 strokes" in 3 rounds of golf.

So why would  a golfer use the Medicus golf clubs?

Because they work! Swinging a Medicus club whether it be the 5 iron or the Driver simply forces you to swing on the correct plane and with a smooth consistent tempo (which really folks is the key to a successful golf swing). The more you swing these these clubs the more you ingrain the ever so important muscle memory required to consistently make better golf shots. (The best part is that you don't look like a complete fool doing it).

Once you are able to swing the Medicus with out unhinging the thing you can then take the same club to the range and repeat the swing hitting actual golf balls. There is nothing better than actually hitting balls with your training clubs, the reasoning here is that much of the wonderful game of golf is literally played with the 6" between your ears! Things are completely different swinging away in the back yard to actually putting a ball down and trying to reach a target 200+ yards away.

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How the Medicus works!

In a complex technological world Medicus has taken us back to basics, The Medicus clubs are hinged - YES that's right there is a dual hinge about 12" from the club head. If your swing is off plane, your club head turn is timed poorly, or your swing tempo is off the club will simply "Break(unhinge)" providing you with instant feedback about your swing.

This feedback is not like the feedback and "tips" that we all get at the driving range or on the golf course. You know the the kind I am talking about.

"Your lifting your head", "Slow down your back swing", "Your grip looks off", "try rotating your body more", "Your release is late" and the list goes on forever.  With an infinite number of things to thing about when setting up for your golf swing no wonder we spend so much time in bushes looking for balls or counting ALL OF THOSE SHOTS to get to the green. Your muscles are not swinging the club your brain is. The Medicus takes all of the "Analysis" out of your swing and just plain forces your muscles to swing the club correctly.

What you get!
Each club whether it be the Dual Hinge 5 Iron or the Dual Hinge Driver come with the club, an allen key to adjust the the tension on the hinges and a simple little guide explaining how the club works. That is it folks everything you need to get started right away using the training aid.

There is no setup required at all! Just unpack the club and start swinging. You can use it anywhere you have the space to swing a golf club. Personally I keep them in my car with my clubs and take a few practice swings in the parking lot with each one before I head to the pro shop. "It's all confidence and muscle memory and the Medicus delivers on both!"

The Medicus training clubs really do help any golfer improve their swing and add some consistency to the complex task of swinging at a little white ball with instruments ill-equipped to do so!

As I mentioned before the hardest 6" in golf is that hunk of gray matter between your ears! A lack of confidence and over thinking will always have a negative impact on your game. So why not take those elements out by training your muscles to swing correctly and having the confidence when you step out on the course.

If you can hit a ball with a club that breaks on any flaw in your swing then you will have the ultimate confidence when you step up to the tee and swing with your actual playing clubs.

I use my Medicus clubs whenever I have a couple of minutes to simply swing clubs and ingrain muscle memory. If you keep one in your bag you can even take a few swings on the course if half way through your game you start losing your confidence.

Basically what I am saying from my own experience is these clubs really do work!

The common side affects of using the Medicus clubs are:

Hitting the ball further, Spending more time in the fairway, Having more confidence.

Some golfers have reported envy from their fellow players and lower numbers on their scorecard.

Date Reviewed: September 29, 2011, 6:42 pm
Reviewed by Matthew Chitty
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Admin These training clubs really do EXACTLY as advertised.

I have been using them for a few months now and I already feel more confident off the tee, you would not believe how good it feels spending time in the fairway instead of the rough.

You have got to try these clubs they truly do help to improve your game.
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Mon, December 19, 2011 9:14PM • By: adminrssreport user
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