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R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen
Product review writer (Standard Kritter)
Rose is a freelance medical writer with a background in health care. She has been a freelance medical writer for five years. Rose is also an editor and writes on a variety of other subjects, such as sports.

She received double BA in sociology and education with a minor in psychology from Ashford University in August 2011. In April of 2011, she received a certificate in anatomy and physiology, and in June 2011, two additional certificates in fitness and nutrition and sports nutrition. In September of 2011, she will head to Bryant and Stratton College to pursue an Associate's Degree as a Registered Nurse. Rose already has a background in nursing on the LPN level. In October of 2012, she will receive certificates in alternative and natural medicine, drug and alcohol counseling, environmental science and conservation, and forensic science. Rose currently holds a certificate in English and a certificate in criminal justice.

As a health care professional, Rose participates in research and writing. She is also an avid volunteer in her community where she teaches a variety of classes, tutors, coaches sports, and works with the homeless and underprivileged.

Rose's hobbies include music, art, sports, home decorating and improvement, beauty, traveling, celebrities and entertainment, karaoke, and simply living.
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