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Casey Dalton
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I write reviews of products I deem worthy of review. Generally if I'm reviewing it, I like it. I'll certainly offer my opinion if I see a chink in the armor, I'm just not going to waste my time on here (or yours) finding companies to slam. I see my job as being more of a friend and filter, giving you the kind of information you need to help form your own opinion and make your own decisions. I like to get a feel for each company I review... what they consider their strengths and specialties. Each company has a different character. I like to give a good picture of what that character is so you can decide whether to check it out directly and see if it's a match. Makes me sound like the matchmaker on a dating site and I guess that is how I see myself. It's a zoo on the web and sometimes you just need to get a feel for a company without spending hours fishing through each site. At a certain point, assuming quality is comparable, your time becomes more valuable than research overkill, but sometimes it's hard to know when to stop. In fact, I'm a bit compulsive when it comes to research myself, which is what got me started writing reviews! When I'm reviewing something it's because I find the product interesting and/or I'm researching it for my own use so I'd like to think I know what info you'll find useful as well. Lots of people can present mind numbing stats (that may or may not be legit), in an equally boring way. Hopefully I'll give you a better picture through a balanced combination of research, opinion and gut instinct. I hope you enjoy my krits and please feel free to leave feedback. Thanks!
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