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Cody Peterson
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Hi! I'm just your average guy, born in a small city sitting on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada. In September of 2011 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma. I ventured onto 8 months of chemo, once every 2 weeks, which rendered my legs fairly useless for a few months as I got neuropathy. This forced me to sell my semi, and making it difficult to do anything for work. At the time of writing this (July 5/2012) I'm waiting to get radiation therapy to get rid of the last of my cancerous lymph nodes. So, to try something new and completely out of the ordinary for me, I'm trying to get into internet marketing. Not only am I doing this to give me something to do while I go through treatment, but also to make money from home so that I can be with my 2 children as much as possible to watch them grow.
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