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Microcap Millionaires From: MicroCapMillionaires.com (Matt Morris)

Legitimate stock-picker, unbiased. NOT a pump & dump. Members report fairly consistent "win rates".

The site seems dated, and hasn't been updated for quite some time. Real user reviews are hard to find around the web, suggesting that this service hasn't spread much via word-of-mouth (not necessarily bad, just means it's a small-scale operation).

Definitely worth checking out the free trial - if for no other reason than to make sure the service is still active!

MicroCap Millionaires is Refreshingly Honest and a Legitimate Stock-Picker. (Odd Name, Though...)

MicroCap Millionaires is a stock-picking membership service run by a guy named Matt Morris, who claims to be "an average Joe with a real knack for picking winning stocks".

Obviously he elaborates on that in more detail, and his track record is actually very impressive - but he never deviates from that "honest tone" of being a regular guy, who tells it like it is. Which includes stating that "he's not going to claim that someone can take $200 and turn it into $2 Million".

Which sort of seems a little contradictory to the name of the service ("MicroCap Millionaires"), but maybe that's just a marketing mishap, or an attempt to at least get noticed in an industry where most traders seem to need money dangled in front of them to illicit any amount of attention...

Who knows. (And it's not like other industries aren't guilty of this. For some reason the "Pontiac Sunfire" comes to mind... where the name of a product really doesn't encapsulate the true essence of what a customer actually receives. In this case a mass-distribution economy car built at the lowest cost possible with literally zero performance attributes is named and marketed as a sports car. Go figure.)

Anyway - let's focus on what MicroCap Millionaires claims to offer, what it promises - and what it actually delivers...

First - what does "Micro Cap" mean?

Definitions vary, but in general you'll find "microcap" in the same breath as "penny stock" on many a resource for investors. Generally, microcap stocks are priced at $5.00 or lower, and are comparable to penny stocks in terms of volatility and the potential for rapid swings in value (up or down).

You should be aware that in many cases, MicroCap stocks are traded on unregulated exhanges/indexes, known as the PinkSheets or the Over-The-Counter bulletin board (OTC BB), and that many of the company "prospectus's" are fairy tales at best. In general, the chances of buying and holding the next proverbial "MicroSoft" are exceptionally bad.

(You probably have a better statistical chance of winning the lottery whilst being struck by lightning.) Instead, most successful traders in the penny stock arena tend to focus on making quick "in & out" trades, to capitalize on volatile movements that can often be predicated by a stock/company initiating an aggressive promotional campaign, or otherwise taking actions that tend to effect stock value.

This is sometimes referred to as "scalping" or "day trading", although those practices aren't specifically limited to microcap or penny stocks.

So technically speaking, then, MicroCap Millionaires is a soon-to-be-hot stock-pick service that focuses on stocks under $5, estimating an average of "a few stock picks each week, sometimes up to one pick per trading day". Morris claims that his picks allow for ample time to get in - and out - of a stock in order to secure a nice profit on the trade.

To be more specific, here's a summary of everything that's offered (paraphrased from their website):

* MM helps you identify stocks getting ready to move before the run
* MM helps you avoid getting stuck in stocks that don't move at all
* MM will recommend to sell certain stocks before your gains are non-existent
* MM will teach you to see trading from the perspective of an entrepreneur instead of a "sucker"
* MM aims to have members understand and plan trades based on their stock pick alerts - with entry and exit points

As far as "promises" go... there really aren't any. Aside from stating that members will "love it", and that the picks are unbiased, there are no outlandish claims regarding monetary gains, or fanciful charts bending numbers in order to justify the plausibility of an initial $1000 (or whatever) turning into a fortune.

In fact, about the strongest statement on the site that I could find was this:

"We're talking routine trades with gains of around 50% to 200%. You will also have to take the occasional loss & be able to push the "sell" button while a stock is in the red to prevent further losses."

Maybe that's a little on the exaggerated side, but it's definitely not unreasonable. This is a service where the presentation is realistic and seems to be up-front and honest. Further, they also offer a money-back guarantee, so if it turns out that things are a far cry from how they're stated - you won't end up "in the red".

(And perhaps the smartest route is just to start with the free trial, which would present even less risk).

The bottom line is that MicroCap Millionaires - though ill-named - is in fact, the real deal.

My suggestion? Check them out, sign up for the trial - and paper trade for the first bit. If you see more winners than losers, well - you can probably make your own decision from there...
Date Reviewed: September 20, 2011, 3:25 am
Reviewed by Matthew Chitty
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