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This phone is inexpensive, has a great battery life, very customizable for a flip phone, and looks very sleek.


This phone has a poor camera, mobile web, and some memory issues with text messages.


This phone is great to have when you have a child that needs a phone, or for a person that has no need for any special things a smart phone provides.

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Motorola W418G from Straight Talk
Motorola W418g Review
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Straight Talk's Motorola W418G: Is it worth it?

I have been an avid Straight Talk buyer for years now, and they have always seemed to please me with their inexpensive service and good phones. This was the last phone I purchased before I moved on to the world of smart phones, so I have had my fair share of both types of phones. Was this phone worth my time?

Read below to find your answer.

What We Will Be Discussing
  • Ease of use
  • Customizability 
  • Battery life
  • Appearance
  • Camera
  • Performance
  • Mobile Web
  • Is it the Bang for your Buck?
Ease of Use

The ease of use for this phone was very simple. You'll find that a lot of things about this phone are simple. When you turn on your phone you will be immediately brought to your home menu. This is where you have a background, date, time, and the number of service days left. There are two options listed: Menu and Browser. The menu has nine options to go from there (All of the basic ones you should get with your phone.). You'll also find that everything really is easy to use, as most phones of these type usually are. All in all, a very good phone for a beginner.


We all enjoy being able to customize our phone, and this phone lets us do that fairly well. You can change your background, screensaver, how your backlight works, and settings for the right time. (Outside, inside, meeting, etc.) With a bit of work you can set this phone to suit your needs greatly.

Battery Life

No one enjoys having to deal with charging our electronics over and over. Luckily for us, this phone prevents us from doing that with a standby time of over eighteen days and a talk time of over six hours this phone will get the job done.


This is a flip phone, so no one expects someone to be speechless from the looks of it, but for a flip phone it looks very good. The black and silver colors along with the smooth design allows even this flip phone to look its best in front of people.


The camera on this phone is acceptable to say the least. It's not absolutely terrifying, but it definitely is not good. If you are in the phone for a good camera to take pictures and video with this might not be the best phone for you. The pictures always turn out grainy and the video recorder makes it too dark to be able to record inside. Although for a phone at this price, it is acceptable. The camera is two megapixels, very grainy, and doesn't record video well in dark places.


This phone performs great. The texting system is very smooth and the apps aren't very innovative, but they do what you want them to do. There are two games installed on this phone: Chicken and Copter. Copter is actually quite addicting when you're competing against your friends for a high score. Chicken on the other hand is very choppy and uninteresting to play for an extended period for some odd reason. The calls are of decent quality, although I wish the speakers were a bit louder.

I did not experience any dropped calls in my two years of being with this phone. The only complaint I have is that sometimes the phone refuses to let you download picture texts and uses the excuse "You do not have enough memory". I have not yet found a fix for this even after deleting everything. Sometimes it will fix itself, but then eventually return.

Mobile Web

The mobile web is horrific in my opinion. Like most phones of this price range, the mobile web is very slow and all of the mobile sites look hideous. This should only be used when you have nothing better to use, I would rather just bring my laptop for web browsing than bring this.

Is this the Bang for Your Buck?

Seeing as that as of right now this phone is FREE at Straight Talk's website right now, yes it is! This phone will do what you need for a great price. This phone is very durable, and will be a long term companion if you choose to keep it! This is a great phone for a child who loves to take pictures, or an adult who has no need for a smart phone. 
Date Reviewed: October 23, 2012, 9:22 am
Reviewed by X
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