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Logical, well presented and straight to the point. The course gives you every tool you need to build muscle fast and efficiently. Sound advice from a knowledgeable and experienced coach. Results come quite quickly when the course is followed strictly and enough effort is made.


The nutrition advice is aimed at the US reader so some of the foods are uncommon in some countries. This, however, is easily overcome. Some of the training sequences can take some getting used to and need small tweeks should you train in a busy gym where queuing for equipment is the norm.


Well worth the money. But, and this is a big but, you must work hard and follow the course. Don't let your ego get in the way. If you knew better you wouldn't be looking at this!

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Muscle Gaining Secrets from Jason Ferruggia
Muscle Gaining Secrets By Jason Ferruggia
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Anyone can build muscle with Jason Ferruggiaís "Muscle Gaining Secrets".

Do you train with a definite plan of action?

I didnít!

Do you keep a training log?

I didnít!

Do you eat muscle building food?

Nope, didnít do that either, didnít even know what they were or how much I needed.

Do you add weight to your lifts on a regular basis?

Me neither, because I couldn't, but I can now.

Do you put on good solid bodyweight on a regular basis

I didnít. Guess what? I do now.

Do have the time or energy for marathon workouts?

I donít (they donít work anyway). A workout lasts no longer than 45 minutes

In other words, I wasnít training LOGICALLY.

I do now.

Ever heard the expression, ďIf you fail to prepare you prepare to failĒ? I had, many years ago but it didnít stop me from doing exactly that. I was without a definite plan of action. I used what equipment was available and did what took my fancy. I was using the same weight month in month out and found that I was actually losing strength and, worst of all, motivation. I, like most other people in the gym, looked exactly the same year after year.

Muscle Gaining Secrets, by renowned strength coach Jason Ferruggia, comes in PDF format and can be downloaded onto a PC, smart phone, ipod etc which allows you to read and reread at your convenience. There is also an interview with Jason Ferruggia (in MP3 format) in which he ď tells it as it isĒ!

The main manual (137 pages) contains detailed descriptions of how muscles react to exercise and how to develop them in a fast and efficient manner. Reps, sets, exercises, tempo, recovery etc. are all explained in great detail. All bodyparts are covered, showing the most productive training methods for each. Mass building nutrition shows you the best foods for carbohydrates and protein, the amount you need to consume and when to eat.

The second part of the course (63 pages) is where we get to the nitty gritty. Training programs, from total beginner to advanced, are detailed and are laid out in tables which makes it all very easy to follow. Each level lasts for a number of weeks and the intensity increases to accommodate your new strength. There are also charts for each workout which can be printed off and filled in at the time of your workout making it even easier to keep track of your progress.

The no nonsense approach of Muscle Gaining Secrets revolves around: eating healthily, training logically and resting adequately. The course made it clear to me that I was doing none of these LOGICALLY. I have typed this in capitals to emphasise a major flaw in a lot of peopleís training.

In the last two months I have turned that around. Now my workouts last no longer than 45 minutes I have found myself looking forward to each session. Now they are a challenge, a challenge which I rise to every time. Previously I was grinding out set after set of unproductive exercises. Sound familiar? NO MORE! I do my bit, shower and walk away from the gym. Because I am following a LOGICAL plan I no longer feel that I have to do more and more sets to get results. I am trusting Jason Ferruggia to guide me. I am growing and adding weight to my lifts on a very regular basis (small increases each time but they add up). Itís not rocket science. To make a muscle stronger and bigger you need to make it do more each time you workout.

The exercises arenít revolutionary (although the sequence in which you do them takes some learning but once you know, you know!) and the nutrition advice means that your diet doesnít have to change dramatically. The amount of food you ingest may have to change and the frequency that you eat may alter but rest assured, it is entirely ďdo-ableĒ. The types of food listed are mostly aimed at the American market but it is so easy to find alternatives with the same nutritional value wherever you live.


If you have a smartphone you can download free apps from the big supermarket chains which show the nutritional values of all of the foods they sell. You can formulate your diet plan wherever you can access the Internet.


Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferruggia gives you LOGICAL guidance which draws you along the path to muscle building success. The course offers you the opportunity to develop the physique you really want and, at the end of this course, the physique you deserve.

You have to be prepared to work hard, it is not a doddle. If you are a dreamer and are not prepared to put in the effort, it will not work and you will stay as you are.

If you have, like me, been trying and failing to achieve the results you desire, try this. The course comes with a 90 day money back guarantee so if you feel that it is not for you or you cannot make the gains that have been so elusive up until now, ask for a refund. You have nothing to lose and only muscle to gain.

Date Reviewed: April 30, 2013, 11:18 am
Reviewed by Stevo
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