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nTrust and Payoneer are both reliable and efficient online payment systems. Payoneer is more established and can received payments from various online merchants in the US and other parts of the world. Both offers a very low cost fees but Payoneer offers the lowest fees while the amount you will withdraw/load to your card will affect the fees you will incur with Trust fees. nTrust withdrawals from local ATM's only cost PhP10 or free from Security Bank ATMs. Both can be used with online shopping as they are


nTrust is still quite new and limited but being locally available with satellite office in Makati, applying for an nTrust card is so easy and you can receive your card perhaps within a week of requesting. Withdrawing your Payoneer funds from local ATMs could be quite expensive (around $5/transaction) but free for use (in most cases) with online purchases.


I highly recommend applying for both- nTrust and Payoneer accounts and use them intelligently to where one suits best.

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nTrust and Payoneer MasterCard®- Real User's Perspective

There has never been a time than what we can find today when online jobs and the potential to earn money online at the comfort of your home has come to its greater heights . This is most particularly true with internet marketing (IM) outsourcers from third-world countries like the Philippines and India. Sites like,,, to name a few have lots of Filipino outsources who have proven and tasted the benefits of earning a passive income from online work. Recent years pave the way to many IM enthusiasts from third-world countries to get involved with affiliate marketing from services like the Amazon Associates, ShareASale, Commission Junction, MarketHealth and many other affiliate networks in the US and UK. This makes internet marketing a real deal, a dream-come-true for most people who seem to have lost their hope in finding jobs on their own country yet dont like to go abroad for overseas work.

One of the most important tools in IM business whether you are an employer, an outsourcer or an independent online marketer is a reliable yet cost-effective payment system. Theres no other more frustrating moment than to realize that after all your efforts, time and dedicated service, you have no way to get paid reliably and efficiently. And when it comes to that, theres nothing better than the services provided by PayPal and Payoneer. PayPal is your good old friend in online payments but currently it doesnt support issuance of debit cards outside US and while fees associated with online payments from company employers in the US are still pretty low, it could still mean a lot when converted in foreign currencies.

This is where Payoneer MasterCard comes in. Payoneer debit card offers the most resilient happy-go-lucky way to receive online payments. They have partnered with various online services and networks around the world enabling those to pay their affiliates/outsourcers/online workers/internet marketers reliably and instantly, 24/7 across the globe. What I like the most with my Payoneer account is that you have your online dashboard where you can see what comes in and what comes out with your Payoneer debit card. Payments received through Payoneer only costs $1 regardless of the amount received and you can also transfer money between accounts. Of course, at home or overseas, you can use your Payoneer card at over 1.7 million ATMs in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

Payoneer had just announced their Refer-a-Friend Program exclusive only to their current cardholders. That means anyone can now sign up for a Payoneer card and what makes this more interesting is the fact that both the referral and the referee will receive $25 one-time the moment the referral receives at least $100 to his/her account. If you like this offer from Payoneer, you can contact me and I would be happy to introduce to you the system. recently, folks from the Philippines must have already benefited from nTrust- the only and first usable micro-transaction platform to offer free inter-Vault money transfer between nTrust members called nTrust Citizens. Using your nTrust account, you can now transfer any amount, in any currency, anywhere you want at no cost and best of all, real-time. After you sign up, they will send you a link to activate your account. You can then request for a nTrust MasterCard and you can receive it in no time. This is the big difference between nTrust card and Payoneer card as you need to wait for quite a long period of time before you get your card as it still comes from the US. But of course, nobody will prevent you from applying for the two as they are all free to sign up.

nTrust is best for Filipinos who are in either one of the following situations:

  1. Overseas workers (OFWs)- You can easily attached your bank account abroad to your nTrust account and transfer money anytime to your family at home. Your family then can use their own nTrust card to withdraw money or use for online purchases.
  2. Local Filipino outsourcers- Your employers from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc., can pay you directly to your nTrust account without the hassles of having a bank account of your own, pertinent documents requirements, etc.
  3. Filipino scholars and overseas students- Whether you are the one sending or receiving money, nTrust provides the easy way to move your money securely.
  4. MasterCard enthusiast- If you do online shopping, flight booking and related internet purchases using someones credit card, then its time to do it your own and nTrust could be your best bet. Applying for a credit card could be quite troublesome but with nTrust, its just a matter of entering your email address and two personal documents to prove thats its truly you.

nTrust Heroes
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It is important to know that nTrust is not a bank nor provides banking services. Whatever you have in your account is solely yours as a a stand-alone trust account. Therefore you are in total control of what comes in and out of your account. In other words, unlike a credit card, what you have in your card is only the money that you put/load onto it and so you will never overspent. Fees involved are only when you load/reload your card or withdraw your funds to your bank, and yet are so minimal. You can visit the official site for details about this.

nTrust is making a big real difference on how you move your money online. With your personalized nTrust card, you are given local and international access to online transactions at your very own control. In my humble experience, I highly recommend nTrust and Payoneer services!

Date Reviewed: December 11, 2012, 2:25 pm
Reviewed by TrendersProof
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