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The best part is that it truly works! This nail protein truly works from the minute you put it on until you begin to see the marvelous results. This product is not too strong in smell and though it comes in a smaller package than most, it works better than products triple its size!


The only con of this product may be the price; however, if you have any company reward cards where this product is sold, such as CVS CareCard like I did, then you may be able to get this product for half or more off of the original retail pricing. You do need patience as no product will give you lasting results in a condensed amount of time, but it is worth having strong, healthy, and thick nails in the end.


I more than highly recommend Nailtiques Nail Protein Formulas to anyone who has had any sort of problem growing strong, healthy, beautiful, and enduring nails.

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Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 and 2 Plus+ from Nailtiques
Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula Review
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Want to grow strong and enduring healthy nails? Nailtiques has the Formula for you...

First, let me say that I have been unable to get my nails to grow past my fingertips for the longest time. They would chip, break, weaken, tear, and one of them just did not grow, regardless of how well I took care to help it along. Everything from swimming to simply hitting my nail against a hard surface seemed to deter the natural growth process my nails needed. I was always on the lookout online, reviews from friends and family, and other sources on how to better my natural nail growth and how to keep them from breaking even more.
The beginning of this summer, I began doing coconut oil and olive oil soaks for my hands and nails and wearing plush gloves on my hands to soak them overnight in the vitamin rich oils. Though this process helped to restore a nice pink flush and softer hands, it did not necessarily help the growth as much as I was told it would. I still do them every once in awhile to benefit from both the nail protein and the essential fatty acids within the oils. At the end of June, I received my very first manicure at a salon and was astounded at how short my nails looked when done professionally as well. It was slightly embarrassing as it looked like my nails were big and wet drops of nail polish on my fingers as opposed to actual nails. After that, I went online and browsed different nail health articles and blogs and came across the notion of nail proteins.

I had been unaware of this as popular culture tells us that nail polishes and other nail beauty chemicals will help grow them fast! But, what they don't tell you is that nails may be as healthy as they can be, but they need a kind of natural-like adhesive to hold them together to prevent breakage past the point of nail growth. Sort of like split-end treatment conditioner, but for your nails. My diet and exercise was not a factor as I eat healthily (mostly veggies and no sugar or too many sweets!) and I exercise daily, if only a light Yoga routine on off days, but I was worried that it was genetics or that I was just destined to have ugly nails because of my treatment of biting and peeling them when I was younger.
 Now, I had been skeptical anyway as it seemed that I had tried just about everything there was from every national and international brand out there. But, one name kept coming up with rave reviews that were positively glowing with responses of superior nail growth and strength. Nailtiques Nail Protein. As I searched, I found that it was sold in a CVS store near me, so I went and purchased the nail protein Formula 2 Plus+.

They say not to purchase this Formula as it is for people with excessive problems, but I figured I was one of those people. You can find information on how to choose which nail formula you need on their website or on the back of the products themselves in the store.
So, excited, I came home, cleaned my hands and nails, and proceeded to use the Nailtiques nail protein. When I tell you that I have never seen my nails so clean looking and healthy and beautiful...and that was when they were nubs! I continued to use it over the next month and a half every day as instructed and my nails did not break once! They began to grow, but I was still skeptical as they'd grown this far before, but now I needed to see if they would continue growing. Needless to say, they did! I had to go out and buy more and I bought the Formula 2 this time around because of the results.

I am still using it and it was only three months until my nails needed filing every other day. Now, I carry a nail file with me because it seems that I am filing them every day (sometimes more than once a day!). I could not be any happier with this product if it had worked faster because the patience to see my nails grow and now to have them strong and to be able to stop using it and know that my nails will continue to be healthy is better than any instant gratification I could imagine! They also have Nailtiques Nail Proteins in color nail polish, so if you are skeptical about the clear straight formulas, don't be! You can have colorful growing nails at your leisure!
I wish I could buy some for everyone who has nail problems, so they can feel as great as I do when I look at my nails! Sometimes, I just stare at how good they look now and how much of an improvement they've had since starting this product. Thank you, Nailtiques!
Date Reviewed: December 12, 2012, 10:24 am
Reviewed by KMLopez
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This blog review of Nailtiques has some nice information on the ingredients and how they work to heal the nails. It also has some adjoining articles on nail care that can easily coincide with your use of the Nailtiques Formulas.
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