About Ukritic The Story - and People - Behind Ukritic.com

It all started with a phone call...

Like most lightbulb moments and ideas of substance, Ukritic was borne of an irrelevant tangent in the midst of a conversation about something far more mundane.

The founders of Ukritic (Chris & Matt) had been developing content management systems and site-building tools specifically for the affiliate marketing industry, and it was during one of these mundane "planning" calls that a question was posed...

"You know what? Instead of essentially ignoring the beginner segment of the market - why don't we build the ultimate affiliate site - and then open the doors for anyone to add to it?"

And like most awesome ideas... after the initial euphoria wore off, we were scratching our heads trying to make the logic work.

It took weeks just to nail down a workable business model. And then almost a year of development, tweaking, frustration, making squares fit into circles, burning the midnight oil, and bringing on (and managing) an entire team of writers to "seed" the site with hundreds of quality reviews to kick things off, and three complete redesigns - had to happen before we could even tell the world we existed. In the world of bootstrapper development, it's what we call either a "charity project" or a "leap of faith".

So with that said, Ukritic is an ambitious undertaking to say the least - and initially began development back in January of 2011. It officially opened its doors a little over a year later, in late February of 2012.

The road ahead is very exciting, albeit unkown. I'm sure the "future" will become more clear as the site evolves during its first couple years of active membership.

We have high hopes for Ukritic, and we're confident that our "quality or nothing" approach to user-generated content will reap great rewards for our contributors, and of course for everyone involved in the Ukritic project as well.

And with any luck, maybe it will even make a positive impact on the user-generated content landscape in general, for the better.

Meet the Team:

• Matthew Chitty (Co-Founder, COO of Ukritic Ventures, Inc)

Matt is the head of development, lead programmer, managing editor and otherwise the guy who can take other people's ideas and design concepts and make them work in the real world. Matt pretty much single-handedly coded the entire Ukritic framework/application - which isn't just a user generated publishing system, but also a social network, marketing metrics engine - and so much more.

Previous to embarking on the Ukritic journey, Matt orchestrated several web development projects for companies ranging from small businesses to the Government of Canada, with MK2 Solutions. He met up with Chris (see below) back in 2010, and since then they've been producing products & services for the affiliate marketing industry, with Ukritic being by far their largest technical undertaking.

Matt's ideal day is when a major technical hurdle is either crushed, hurdled or bypassed. Matt's least favorite scenario is when Chris has a great new "design idea" that he found on another site, that should be adopted on Ukritic "just for fun"...


• Chris Rempel (Co-Founder, CEO of Ukritic Ventures, Inc)

Chris is the marketing director, strategic operations manager and lead process designer for virtually every section of Ukritic.com

Chris has a unique insight into building the various publishing tools within Ukritic - because he's built and marketed hundreds of his own affiliate-driven websites since 2007. Small sites, big sites and everything in between. He's also sold thousands of guides, reports, books and web tools for affiliate marketers - which have generated quite a surprising number of success stories in their own right.

Ukritic represents the ultimate challenge for Chris, as it involves bringing his "A game" to every aspect of the project, and drawing on every experience leading up to this point - search engine optimization, direct marketing, relationship marketing, strategic press exposure, building social momentum, and copywriting.

Getting in Touch:

To reach Matt & Chris, you can request your email to be forwarded to them via our contact form - however, please keep in mind that it may not be feasible or possible for them to answer every email. (However, Ukritic support staff are generally able to respond within 48 - 72 hours for most other inquiries, please see the contact page for more details.)

From the media and looking for logos / press kit - or setting up interviews with Matt/Chris? Please email our publicity specialist at press@ukritic.com; she'll be happy to get you whatever you need, arrange interviews, etc.

Is there a serious problem with infringing content or trademark usage? While we do moderate what our members publish before it goes live (and actively scan for duplicated or plagiarized content), we can't validate or catch everything. But we do take it seriously, and every complaint will receive a response. Again, use our contact page here.


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