Earning Money with Ukritic Here's How it Works, And What's Possible...

Ukritic is a very user-friendly product review platform, specifically designed for affiliate marketers.

Simply put, Ukritic makes it very easy to do the following:

  • Reach shoppers on the verge of a purchase decision
  • Help them buy the best product for their needs
  • Earn commissions or advertising fees if someone buys a product based on your recommendation

All without having to create your own website, host your own domain or learn any HTML or programming skills!

And personally speaking - our favorite aspect of earning money with product reviews is this: There's no "selling", hype or convincing required, because those "deciding shoppers" are already pre-disposed to buy the product. By searching for product reviews (like yours) they're simply making sure it's the right choice.

In fact, being brutally honest and highly detailed with your reviews is absolutely the single most profitable strategy when it comes to using Ukritic, and we'll explain why further down...

We have a few things to cover on this page, so to make it easier to digest, we've broken it up into a few main sections:

How it Works aka: "Ukritic 101"
Millions of People Search for Real Product Reviews, Every Day

You've likely done this yourself, many times. Whether it's that great new gadget you saw on TV, or something you stumbled across online - you're on the verge of buying it...

...but you just want to know what the real deal is first, before pulling the trigger. And so you head to your favorite search engine and start your quest for truth.

And you're certainly not alone. Millions of people do this every single day, researching almost every product imaginable. What they want is helpful, honest advice to help with their decision.

On-The-Fence Shoppers Find Your Krits (Reviews) While Researching a Product

Because these prospective shoppers are researching something very specific, there generally won't be a lot of "competition" in the search results.

Which means that it won't take too long until your published Krits (reviews) start getting some visibility in the major search engines for specific key-phrases, and as a result - some of these shoppers will check out what you have to say.

Note: The amount of traffic a Krit receives depends on many factors, which we'll cover a little in the FAQ's, below.

An Honest & Helpful Review Will Encourage Some People to Buy What You Recommend

You've heard it before, and it's as true on the web as anywhere else: The first impression is everything...

While Ukritic does give you an instant edge in the aesthetic & professional appearance departments - it's still up to you to really deliver the goods on a product, and tell your readers what's up.

Right from the start, be completely honest, and you'll be amazed at the kind of responsiveness your Krit will receive.

If the product is great - explain why in detail, and back it up. Then recommend the best place for them to buy it, through your affiliate link (see step #4).

If it's "less than stellar", it's still worth reviewing (and being totally honest), because then you can recommend a better option - which will be just as effective for you, and very helpful for your readers.

(Don't worry - setting all of this up when you're building a Krit is easy as pie.)

Referred Sales Are Tracked Instantly & Automatically

Our system is specifically designed for ethical, top-shelf affiliate marketing - and supports almost every Affiliate network.

It's as simple as logging into your affiliate network account (such as Commission Junction®), grabbing the most relevent & specific product referral URL, and then pasting it into a single field when you're building a Krit for that product - and we do the rest.

(Advanced Kritters can also place affiliate links within their content).

This way, you keep 100% of any commissions generated by your Krits, and it's all tracked automatically by the trusted network of your choice.

Confused? New to Affiliate Marketing? That's okay - we cover this further down...

Earning a Passive, Online Income Becomes a Reality

It doesn't happen overnight, but once you get a handle on the basics of choosing products to review - and creating awesome, helpful Krits - it's only a matter of time until you start seeing results.

And it's not uncommon to have a one-time effort generate an income for several months or even years - passively. (In some cases, this can happen from creating even just a single great review).

As you might expect, though, the majority of people who see great results with Ukritic are posting excellent reviews consistently, and watching their traffic levels and commission payouts grow and grow over time.

With affiliate marketing, the sky is truly the limit, and anything is possible!

How Do You Get Paid? (And Who Pays You?)

Ukritic facilitates affiliate marketing.

• What's affiliate marketing?

Well, basically - being an affiliate is very much like being a salesperson. Normally, your earnings as an affiliate are based on commissions from sales you have directly referred to a merchant (such as an online store).

For example, say you're creating a review on Ukritic for a top-of-the-line $2,000 treadmill for an online store that sells exercise equipment. Their affiliate program pays 10% commissions to its affiliates. Over the course of the next few months, your review of this treadmill receives a few hundred visitors, and 2 people decide to buy it based on your recommendation.

At 10% per sale on $2,000, that's a $200 commission to you for each sale. So you'd have earned a total of $400 for referring two customers to that merchant, who bought the treadmill.

All of this is tracked by the use of a special referral link (or affiliate link), which is provided to you by the affiliate network that handles affiliate transactions for the merchant, or by the merchant themselves, if they have their own affiliate program.

We support referral links from virtually any affiliate network or private affiliate program. Our only technical requirement is that your referral links simply need to be in the form of a standard URL. Such as "http://example.com?aff-id=1234"

Note: Our system doesn't support "fancy stuff" like flash links, rich HTML, javascript, widgets or web forms - because it could compromise our template engine, and potentially become a security risk (as those things are often easily exploited by hackers & spammers).

• How do I become an affiliate, and where do I get my own referral URL for products I want to review or recommend?

There are literally thousands of affiliate programs around the web, and you can become an affiliate for almost any product or store imaginable. However, the majority of people use an Affiliate Network - which handles both the tracking and payment aspects of the business (both for vendors and affiliates).

Some Affiliate Networks work with hundreds - or even thousands - of vendors, and several thousands of products.

Here is a short list of some of the more popular affiliate networks:

  • Commission Junction®(CJ)
  • Link Share®
  • ClickBank®
  • Google® Affiliate Network
  • Amazon®
  • Share a Sale®
  • Digital River®
  • Plimus®
  • Buy.at
  • AvantLink®

Note: These are simply examples, and do not imply any partnership or guarantee compatibility with Ukritic.com

And that's just scratching the surface, folks. (Also, keep in mind that we have a far more comprehensive list of affiliate networks/programs within our training modules, when you login).

• How do I get paid?

This is all handled by the affiliate network itself (such as LinkShare), or by the vendor's own affiliate program (such as Amazon.com), and each one has its own payment schedules, minimum payouts, and eligibility requirements.

Most networks simply mail out checks on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, and some can arrange for things like direct bank account deposits, or pay commissions with PayPal®.

Products VS Interests Why Product Reviews Are The Biggest "Bang" For Your Online Efforts

While it's great to blog or write articles about your interests, hobbies and passions - and there's certainly a way to earn money doing that as well - most of the time it just doesn't have nearly the payoff as creating product-focused content. Especially reviews.

You see, just as you saw above, the majority of people who search for product reviews (and visit your Krits) are folks who are literally deciding what to buy. That means that they're "commercially intent", in the marketing world - and that's the most valuable kind of visitor you could ever hope to have on the web.

In fact, based on our experience with other projects, other sites and so on, product-focused content will generally produce several times more value (or profit) per visitor than "generic" or topic-based content.

In simple terms, it would take many times more traffic (and time, effort, etc.) to earn the same profit from content about interests, passions, and general topics than it will to earn the same amount from reviewing or discussing products.

This means that for every one product review you create, it would take numerous general-topic articles to match the profit-potential.

So what's the best use of your time and efforts as an affiliate marketer?

Well, we can't speak for everyone, but in our experience - nothing beats meeting a shopper on the verge of a purchase decision with a helpful product review. Both in terms of conversion (percentage of visitors who buy products) and compensation, it's by far the most profitable activity in the world of search-driven publishing.

So - while it's true that we're biased - the bottom line is that every hour spent publishing with Ukritic is equivalent to spending many hours on sites where you "share your passion" or talk about your interests, generic topics, etc. At least from a profitable perspective.

Money's not everything, but if it's a priority in terms of how you spend your time online - Ukritic is definitely the best option for publishing your content for free.

FAQ Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

• Does it cost anything to join affiliate programs?

No, it does not cost a cent. Every reputable affiliate network or in-house affiliate program (where a company manages and tracks their own online sales force) does not charge a dime to submit an application, or to become an active affiliate.

If you stumble across a program that requires you to pay something for the "opportunity" to promote their product(s), we strongly advise you to avoid it. Similarly, avoid any type of network-marketing or MLM scheme (or otherwise paid "biz opp"), as these programs typically do not represent or sell a quality product.

Rest assured, regardless of what anyone may tell you - the real money online is made by selling real products from reputable companies - and though they may be a little selective in who they accept as an affiliate, it will always be free to apply / become their affiliate.

For example, all of the major affiliate networks listed earlier are free to join/apply.

• Why would I bother publishing full reviews on bad or mediocre products, if I'm going to rate them poorly anyway - thereby discouraging visitors from buying?

At first glance, this seems like a waste of time. However, not only is publishing the truth about bad or mediocre products the right thing to do - it's actually far more profitable than not doing so, for the following reasons:

1) At the conclusion of a review for a bad/mediocre product, you can (and should!) recommend a better option to the reader. In fact, Ukritic even builds this in as an option when you're setting up your Krits.

2) Because you can gain far more traffic and exposure by reviewing all the major products in a certain category (for example, treadmills), where you then recommend better options for readers on the reviews of bad or mediocre products.

And lastly -

3) Because you'll gain trust - and that, more than anything else - will drastically increase your earnings (not to mention your Karma). If you're a straight-shooter in the murky waters of the web, you can build a real following, and people will gladly buy based on your recommendations, because they can plainly see that you have their best interests in mind.

In fact, something we recommend to all our members (in our training materials, after you login) is to focus on creating "review circles", which is simply described as choosing a specific topic or niche, and then revieiwing every notable product in that "circle".

Naturally, there will usually be one or two products that really shine far and above the rest, and you should recommend those as alternative options to the visitor when reviewing less-valuable products.

• Do I have to actually own or have used every product I review on Ukritic.com?

We strongly encourage you to have a personal experience with something before publishing a review about it, as it will simply lead to better content, more helpful to the visitor - and more profitable for you due to your firsthand knowledge of the product...

...which shines through subliminally in your writing, and is a very strong factor in how many people will trust and buy as a result of your recommendations.

The best place to start is with the products and services you already use (which is probably a lot), and could probably give you several months' worth of things to write about!

However - the other option that we presently allow for Ukritic publishers is to become what we call a "Product Journalist", or perhaps a better description is "Product Investigator".

What this entails is much like it sounds. You'll need to heavily research the product, and in particular - uncover the real truth about a product by scouring actual user forums, Question/Answer sites and interactive shopping sites to find out what real customers are saying.

Try to fairly evaluate the product based on its overall reception - both by looking at as many real customer comments as possible, as well as critical reviews in the media - and then present your findings to the reader in an engaging review, much like how a journalist would review a company in the Business section of a newspaper.

Done properly, and with enough research, this can often be just as effective as a first-hand account of a product.

Note: Before our staff will approve a "researched only" review on Ukritic, we require multiple unbiased sources listed in the Research Sources area (which you can easily input while building your Krit), to back up your position on the product, or facts/figures that you cite in the review. (Very similar to WikiPedia.org)

• Do I have to work to promote my own Krits, or is it enough just to publish it on Ukritic?

We cover this in far more detail in the members' training sections (once you login), but the long and short of it is that members who run through a quick "promotional checklist" for each Krit they produce will usually see far more traffic, and revenue, than those who don't.

You don't technically have to do anything, and some Krits will rank well just for getting published - which largely depends on the popularity of the topic/product being reviewed, with less-popular items obviously being easier to rank for. But it's not an exact science, and there are always exceptions.

At the very least, we recommend some basic promotional activities for your Krits that review your highest-recommended products. Please see our training area inside the members area for more details.

Note: The best strategy for long-term exposure on Ukritic.com is to produce awesome content. Our system will "boost" and drastically increase exposure for pages that our visitors indicate as being helpful, based on a number of different signals.

• How long until I start seeing traffic?

There is no standard answer for this. Some Krits see traffic the first day they're published. Others may take several weeks, or even a few months to see the first wave of visitors start to roll in.

And though it's less common - some Krits may only ever receive a small trickle of traffic.

It all depends on the existing demand and search volume for the product(s) you're revieiwing, the quality of your content, your own promotional activities and other unknown/uncontrollable factors that we simply attribute to "search engine weirdness".

That's why the key is to simply publish awesome reviews on a consistent basis, and try to promote each Krit yourself as well, following our guidelines and tips as provided in the members area tutorials.

• How much money am I guaranteed to make if I publish reviews on Ukritic.com?

Zero. We do not and cannot guarantee that you will make a single dollar by publishing reviews on Ukritic.com

While your earnings potential from using Ukritic.com is completely unlimited (and keep in mind some individual Krits can single-handedly generate several thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions for their authors), it simply depends on too many factors for us to even remotely estimate for you.

What we do guarantee, however, is that if you take the time to experiment with different markets, products (and affiliate programs), and publish high-quality & honest reviews for your readers, it will only be a matter of time until you are very pleased with your results.

Again, we have numerous suggestions, tips and best-practices laid out in the members-area training sections.

• What are the best kinds of products to review on Ukritic.com?

First of all, there are literally thousands upon thousands of products worth reviewing on our site, so giving specific examples is more or less pointless.

However, the basic criteria from a profitability standpoint are as follows:

1) There should be some decent level of interest, search-queries and overall demand for the product. In other words - if nobody's researching it, why review it?

2) Either the product itself OR a better, tightly-related product you're going to recommend to the visitor in the review should be available in a trusted affiliate network or affiliate program, and the commission structure should be worth your while. This is subjective and depends on your own preferences.

3) The product can't be too "racey" or controversial, and it definitely cannot be illegal. Please see our Terms of Use for what we allow, what we don't, and what we scrutinize closely.

This question is covered in more depth in the tutorial sections, once you login.

Some starting points would be:

1) Google®'s Free Keyword Traffic Estimator

2) WordTracker

3) Google Trends

4) Compete.com®

5) Ebay® Pulse

6) Amazon® BestSeller Listings

Upcoming Here's What's in the Oven...

If Ukritic is anything - it's a work in progress. We are far from "done" with this project, and in fact we're just in our infancy. What follows is a sampling of some really cool stuff we have in the works, and - cross your fingers - hopefully some or all of this stuff will be available really soon!

Direct Integration with Some Affiliate Networks

Sometime soon, setting up your product referral links will be as simple as selecting a participating network, and then specifying the product you're either reviewing or recommending - and then Ukritic will automatically get your affiliate links for that product, and prepopulate your Krit with them, in less than a second.

You'll also be able to search for products to review, generate ideas, and so on - from this interface.

Just to make it that much easier to use :-)

Sharing Ad Revenue With Members
So That There's Even More Earning Potential, and More Ways to Earn, With Ukritic!

We are exploring a few different options on this one, and with some of the larger ad networks getting this stuff implemented can take some time - but the bottom line is that we think Ad Rev Sharing would be awesome, for many reasons.

And it would really expand the viability of having virtually any product reviewed on Ukritic, because there would be more incentive and earning opportunity for really any item at that point.

Basically, how it would work is that in addition to getting 100% of the commissions you earn via affiliate marketing, you would also earn a healthy percentage of the revenue from the ads we display on your krits.

This is a major priority for us, so keep an eye out for this feature!

and create a review in minutes!
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