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You share your experience with everyday products (whether good or bad)

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Ukritic makes it simple and easy to create your own professional review pages - sharing your experience about virtually any product or service with a global audience.

You can also earn money on Ukritic when visitors are influenced by your reviews. More on that below...

As people across the world are increasingly turning to the web to research products before they buy them (either online or offline), truly helpful user reviews are becoming more and more important.

Your opinions on the products you love (or even just the "every day" things that you need) matter more than ever before...

"61% of people now rely on user reviews before making a purchase decision"
~ Paraphrased, src: Razorfish, 2008

With Ukritic, you can create a rich & interactive product review in a matter of mouse clicks, and then share your experience with text, images, video and more - all using our easy & intuitive platform. And of course, it's all 100% free.

So whether you've found that perfect laptop accessory, or discovered that your new "top of the line" capuccino machine is less than stellar - sharing your experience with the world is now as simple as pie.

Wanna see an example? Here's our review of the Medicus Golf Club Driver
And here's Robert's review of one of his latest gadgets, the iLuv Keyboard

With Ukritic, reviewing a product or service is much more effective than using a conventional blog or article network to express your opinion, because your pages are specifically designed to rate and review products. For example: Dedicated Pros / Cons sections, interactive star-ratings, and so on.

And don't worry - it's so easy to use, even our Moms can do it :-)

Perhaps the best thing about Ukritic is that creating helpful reviews is going to provide a lot of impact to your visitors - who are usually on the verge of making a purchase decision, and looking for someone to help with that final verdict.

Finally - reviewing products is usually far more rewarding than conventional blogging/writing for you, as well.

In fact - did you know that sharing your experience on products & services is one of the most profitable things you can do online?

Anyway, that's Ukritic from a bird's eye perspective. If you'd like to dig a little deeper, please click on one of the starting points below...

Now you can quickly & easily create fully-featured, media rich product reviews - and become an acclaimed critic in your field.

This quick tour showcases each major feature on Ukritic, and shows you just how easy it really is.

How exactly can you earn money by posting helpful product reviews on Ukritic?

And why is reviewing products more profitable overall than conventional blogging?

Our extensive, easy to understand training modules will have you creating world-class reviews in no time...

...and getting worldwide exposure, too! It's actually all very simple.

Here's what you can and can't do with Ukritic.

More importantly though, our primary goal is creating value for everyone, which is why these rules exist.

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