pantofola d'oro ascoli
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Pantofola Doro Ascoli Football Boot Review French Colours From: pantofola d'oro

comfortable, easy to break in well rounded boots.

short lasting wear.

that only to purchase these boots if you are willing to accept there short life time in ters of being suitble

pantofola d'oro ascolis les blues

I purchased my pantofola d'oro ascolis in summer 2012 off of for the resonable sum for the boots of £99.99. i opted to choose the blue, white and red versions known as the "les blues" version.This version is full leather and consists of a french influence and firm ground studs most suited for astro turf, there was also a soft ground option. 

Personally i found the boots very easy to break in and i suffered no blisters during this process, the boots are also were imediately very comfortable and moulded very quickly to the shape of my foot. I also consulted another member of my team who had also purchased a pair of Pantoflora D'oro Ascolis, and they also found the "breaking in" stage very easy and blister free. This is something i see as vital as if comfort is lacking the boots simply dont meet the desired criteria.

The boot also offers a great deal of support in order of protection of the ankle and i feel this is something Pantofola D'oro have sucsesfully achieved. Having some sort of protection to the ankle, pesonally as a player, is very encouraging as it allows you to play with no lurking worries about obtaining indjuries. Also this reduces the amount of pain likely to be obtained if you suffer a bad collision/ tackle.

I also found the boots colour scheme to be very popular among fellow players and myself, there are also other colours avaliable in this design meaning you can select the best colour that would suit your personality / strip ect. This aspect is down to personal preferance, however i do believe the fact that other players also like the colours involved in the design allows the owner to feel a sense of confidence and happiness in thier boots knowing that they are thought after by other members of the community. The only aspect i would fault in terms of the colour is that the boots are leather, and trying to obtain the correct colour of polish, in my case navy blue, can be very difficult and costly. 

 In terms of wear however i feel these boots have been very poor as they were unable to last me a full season (roughly eight months), they seemed to strugle couping with astro turf conditions and suffered a large rip in the toe section of the boot, aswell as several other scuffs on the heel again due to astro turf friction. This problem was also found by my before mentioned teammate who also suffered many astro truf related scuffs. I believe this is a big fault in the boots and hope Pantoflora D'oro enquire into this problem for future generations of the boot, which would create an all round wonderful boot. It is for this reason i would soft ground studs / tred as i believe the boots would be more sutible in these conditions.

Overall i would recomend these boots as a soft ground alternative that are very comfortable and will make the match in terms of footwear very enjoyable, i also feel that the boots are a great all round boot that would suit any type of player and allow them to express any sort of style in terms of game play. But i would strongly advise against purchasing these boots as an astro turf option as the boots will not last the ongoing friction between boots and the surface causing great damadge to tha boots and finally leaving you in a sistuation where you will have to purchase a new set of boots in the middle of the season which is unfortunate as that would mean your last memories of these wonderful boots would be unfortunatley bitter.

Date Reviewed: May 13, 2013, 9:31 am
Reviewed by cameronmcluckie
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