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They are available in fun colors and are easy to clean. They can be used in the oven.


There are no lids for the skillets. High heat is not recommended.


Anyone looking to upgrade their cookware (or just starting out) should definitely consider these pots and pans!

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Paula Deen Signature Porcelain 15-pc. Cookware Set from
Paula Deen Pots And Pans Review
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Loving My Paula Deen Cookware!

I purchased my Paula Deen cookware just over a year ago. I was attracted to it because of the awesome colors that they offer. They are available in Blueberry, Butter, Coral, Pear, Oatmeal, Red and Robin's Egg Blue. I bought my set in Robin's Egg. I love the speckled look they have and how they can add a splash of color to your kitchen. The exterior is made of porcelain enamel which gives them a nice polished look.

This set is nice because it has a size for every possible need. There is a nice large pot (the 6-quart covered stockpot) that I use for feeding the whole family. The small one (the 1-quart covered saucepan) is great for a can of soup. The medium pot (the 2-quart covered saucepan) is great for things like macaroni and cheese for the family (I can make two boxes in it). I love how easy they are to use. They heat evenly and the handles never get hot. They are easy to handle and they are not too heavy to hold. The lids fit great, they create a great seal.

One of the best things about these pots and pans is how versatile they are. Not only can you use them on top of the stove, but they are oven-safe as well. They can be used in the oven for up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to buy fewer items to get dinner on the table.

They wipe clean easily. Honestly, they look visibly clean just by wiping them with a paper towel after most cooking jobs. However, I like to be sure things are clean and disinfected, so I couldn't even possibly think they were clean after just that. I always wash them, but there's never any scrubbing!

There are many options available when purchasing Paula Deen cookware. You can buy a set to start out with and they have other pieces available as well. You can always buy additional pieces. Some of the extra pieces include a chicken fryer, a 12-quart stockpot, and a teakettle.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, you can always buy pieces individually or there is a 12-piece set as well. I like grouping it together because then you know you’re getting the best value. Pieces tend to be more expensive when bought individually.
There are a few things that I wish were a little different. The first thing is that there are no lids for the skillets. I sometimes like to use a lid when using a skillet and they are too large for any of the lids I have at home to be used with them. I wish they had lids of their own. The second thing is that the instructions warn the consumer not to use them on high heat. I was confused why they would design them to not be used on high heat. I have honestly used them on high heat anyway, and so far the only thing I’ve noticed is some discoloration of the enamel. Nothing major, but it ruins the aesthetics.

One thing you should make sure you’re aware of when purchasing these sets (or a set of any cookware for that matter) is what is considered a “piece” of the set. In this set, the lids are counted as a piece, as well as each measuring spoon, so be sure you know what you’re getting!

Considering there pros seriously outweigh the cons, I would definitely recommend these to anyone just starting out or that would like to update their cookware. This cookware set is relatively cheap, and are a bargain at this price!

Date Reviewed: February 5, 2013, 8:58 am
Reviewed by Bekky
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