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1.Excellent Service 2.High Quality Rest my review says it all


I wish the pallu had a bit more zari work than thread, but that's a personal choice!!


Vivid!! Authentic!! Affordable!! Elegant !! Impressive!! What else one may need?

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Exotic Blue Stylish Embroidered Saree from India Emporium
Review On Traditional Saree
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An Ideal Saree For All Occasions

In India, the perfect choice for traditional affairs is an ethnic saree. But after seeing the top A-listers from Hollywood adorning sarees, I had to change my statement. Saree is now, a globally acclaimed attire. Depending upon the occasion and personal choice, one can opt for a suitable saree. Being a fashion designer, I decided to use up my skills and review a saree. Since i believe in presenting a picture that focuses on actual facts, i always tend to buy and test the product first and then review it.

Here's a review of a saree that i came across recently. I brought this lehenga style saree online almost a week ago from an online portal namely In order to make it convenient for the avid readers, i have divided the reviews in to numerous sections.

About the Saree

The saree that I am reviewing today is a blue and green colored party wear, lehenga style saree. For those who do not know what a lehenga style is, here's a brief description. A lehenga style saree has a 6 yard long apparel, that is tied along the waist with the help of plates and a has pallu that looks like a dupatta dropping over the shoulders.

Color Combination

The first thing that one notices while glancing you, is the colors that you are sporting. The first impression the saree gave me was too bright!! But once you put it on, the colors blend well - the pallu, the blouse, the work, everything looks vivid and complimenting. I was really impressed to see how hues from different color families could merge up so well.

Quality Of Work

A combination of thread embroidery and zari work gives this saree a subtle yet complete look. Optimal color selection save this attire from the bizarre of looking over done. Use of floral motifs and colorful laces can be seen very clearly. The work seems very neat, which i guess is the most important factor when you opt for an outfit. So for me, the over all work quality is excellent.


The fabric used for the saree is net and velvet. The net has good weight which indicates that its quality is good. At the same time the velvet is stiff and very soft, which again is a plus point. Both the fabrics make this saree apt for all seasons.


The actual price of the saree is INR10,129 / 188.30 $ but is nowadays available at a discounted price of INR 7597 / 141.23 $. Frankly speaking, I won't mind shelling out this much over this saree as the price seems underrated to me. The appearance of the saree is par expectations, so i feel that this saree, is a not to missed item for your closet.

My Shopping Experience

My experience with indiaemporium was quite good. The customer care cell seemed humble enough and prompt when it comes to response. The best thing is that i didn't had to brag for the timely delivery. The product was at my doorstep with in the specified time.

Customer Reviews

I have to let you know that I have received excellent customer service from all of you guys on all my previous orders. Since I am located in the US, it is usually a worrisome experience placing orders for clothes that I have not seen or am unsure of the delivery dates. But, I experienced extremely good service from you guys, from sales to support to customer representatives.

                                                                                                                                                                 - Shanti Reddy, New Jersey

For me this site is the perfect shopping place. When ever I visit this site to shop, I find apparels and accessories which are absolutely stunning and trendy. Easy to pay through system and cooperative customer support cell make this site my favorite portal to shop at.

                                                                                                                                                                 - Varun, Gurgaon 

Date Reviewed: January 17, 2013, 10:45 am
Reviewed by puneet
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