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Fast acting pain relieving cream. No overpowering medicine smell. A little bit goes a long way. HBI is a solid company dedicated to customer service


Not available in stores. Price is a little steep.


Rub on Relief lives up to it's claims and delivers a good solid product.

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Rub on Relief Cream from Healthy Back Institute
Rub On Relief Cream An Unbiased Review
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An Unbiased Review of Rub on Relief Cream

Muscle pain relief is a constant problem for active people. I love working outside in my yard and doing honey do projects. As I go about my tasks it seems as though I push myself and end up hurting by the end of the day.

When this happens I usually grab a bottle of aspirin or other over the counter pain pill and that does a good job of handling the minor soreness. However, it sometimes takes up to 30 minutes to feel any easing of the pain.

So, to speed up the relief process I started looking for something that would act quickly to stop the pain and continue working until the NSAIDS would kick in.

I tried a lot of different products, some were good and some were worthless. BioFreeze was one of my favorites, but then I came across a product that was only available online.

Rub On Relief was recommended to me by a certified fitness instructor named Mike Geary. I had learned to trust Mikes advice years ago while trying to stay fit for my military career.

This product is a  pain relief cream that uses a wide variety of natural pain relievers with the intended purpose of quickly relieving aches and pains from numerous causes such as:
  • Backache
  • Arthritis
  • Strains
  • Bruises
  • Sprains

Most of these conditions are problems active people experience on a daily basis and if you workout they can slow you down and reduce the effectiveness of you fitness routine. That's why Mike recommended it. By using it his clients could continue on with their daily workouts and get the full benefit.

HBI's 8 Natural Pain Relievers Explained
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The product warns that it should not be used on wounds or damaged skin. It is also advised not to use in conjunction with a heating pad.

Rub on relief is manufactured by Livingwell Nutraceuticals exclusively for the Healthy Back Institute. There are no other sources for this product.

To quote Jesse Cannone, the products creator:

"I wanted to develop a pain relieving treatment that would work instantly to stop pain - any pain that people might be feeling any where on their body."
I decided to give this stuff a try and see if it would actually deliver on it's claims. It had a tough act to follow with BioFreeze and a lot to prove to get me to switch.

My Experience with Rub on Relief:

I have used Rub on Relief for several months now and this is what I have experienced while using it.

Aches and Pains: Aches and pains in muscles begin to fade within 1 to 2 minutes of application and stay suppressed for upwards of 30 min to an hour depending on how intense the ache or pain is.

Sprains: I had been walking over uneven ground recently and had sprained my ankle. This wasn't a sever sprain, just some welling and soreness. The Rub on Relief acted quickly to dull the pain giving my aspirin time to get into my system and work it's magic. Also, Rub on Relief  helped control the swelling due to it's anti-inflammatory qualities.

The product claims to be a non-greasy formula and it is. It rubs in and disappears with no appreciable residue. I have noticed no side affects - just as the product claims.

Product Guarantee:

Healthy Back Institute offers a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. In other words if you are not satisfied with it, just return what ever is left within 30 days to receive a refund.

Those who order multiple tubes are given a short pamphlet that lays out 10 ways to triple the effectiveness of Rub On Relief which I think is a great but would like to see given to everyone that makes an order.

Date Reviewed: November 16, 2012, 12:01 pm
Reviewed by Keith Standridge
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