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Moving from your old host is taken care of for you. The full lineup of VPS products allow you to upgrade quickly and easily.


When you open a support ticket, it first goes to Servint's less experienced front line technicians. In some cases, you will need to get the ticket escalated to a more experienced technician.


All in all, I have been very happy with my Servint VPS and would give them my highest review.

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Servint VPS Hosting from Servint
Servint Vps Review
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Review of Servint's Fully Managed Essential VPS

Upon receiving the email from my shared hosting provider that the traffic that my website was generating exceeded the maximum resource usage that I was allowed, I started looking to what the next level of hosting would be. I was still fairly new to be being a webmaster and wasn't quite sure what I needed, so I went to a couple of the forums that I frequent and started asking around. Although I received lots of different opinions, the conclusion was that I needed a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and the host I should consider first was Servint.

After poking around the Servint website for awhile, it was clear that a dedicated server was indeed more than I needed and that a VPS was more of my speed. I was still hesitant, since all I had used previously were a couple of shared hosting accounts... one at JustHost and one at HostGator. So, after a couple of days of indecision, I took the plunge and ordered up Servint's entry level VPS plan... the Essential VPS. At $49 for a month, there wasn't really that much on the line, but it still seemed like a big decision at the time.

After I signed up, I was asked if I wanted to use Servint's "Managed Migration" program where they would move the sites over from my old host... free of charge. I definitely took them up on that and, to my pleasant surprise, they had my whole CPanel moved over within a couple of hours. It was incredibly easy and all of my anxiety about moving to a VPS were unfounded.

Since then, I have added other websites and, as my needs have grown, I have upgraded the VPS package I am on with Servint. They offer a VPS for just about any level of website that you could imagine. Their other VPS packages are called the Signature VPS, Ultimate VPS, Flex TwoCore VPS, and the Flex ThreeCore VPS. And, if you outgrow their VPS lineup, Servint also offers dedicated servers. Personally, I haven't had the need for a dedicated server and I am so happy with the VPS options, so I will probably never move to a dedicated server.

As a result of having so many different levels of VPS plans available, the hosting that Servint offers is truly scalable. Through the portal they give you, it is easy to visually see how much of your VPS resources you are using and whether you need more. When you do need to upgrade, it is a matter of clicking a couple of buttons, which opens a ticket with their support staff to do the upgrade. They will even schedule the upgrade to whenever you need it done, including the middle of the night, so you don't miss any traffic.

I have found their support to be incredibly helpful and it is truly "Fully Managed" as they claim.  They have taken care of every issue that I have come across and their support staff is always pleasant to work with. They respond to support tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I often work in the middle of the night and they have always been there. The only con is that when you open up a support ticket, it first goes to their front line technicians. Once in awhile, these technicians do not have the experience to take care of more complicated support issues. The good news is that they will escalate the ticket to more experienced technicians on their own or, if not, you can do it.

As for down time, there was only one day in the last couple of years where there was any down time. It had something to do with a regional power outage. Otherwise, my sites have always been up with Servint.
Date Reviewed: July 9, 2013, 9:05 am
Reviewed by Bob B.
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