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ideal starter kit for new e-cigarette users


nicotine density goes to 16mg (other brands go to 24 and even 48)


Smoketip is the perfect place to start on your e-cig journey!

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smoketip from smoketip.com
Smoketip The Best Electronic Cigarette For New Users
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Smoketip Review - The Best Electronic Cigarette for New Users

Why Smoketip?

Smoketip is highly recommended as an ideal starting point for those new to e-cigs. Their price for a starter kit is pretty much as low as it gets and they have a very loyal, satisfied user base. In the forums, Smoketip users rave, rave, rave about excellent customer service. When users run into any trouble (with a bum battery for example) Smoketip is on it with complete responsiveness that has earned them tremendous respect. Users also really appreciate the ease of navigating their website. This company genuinely appreciates it's customer base and it's customers respond in kind. The shorty batteries are touted as lasting longer than most which is very appealing for those who want an e cig to look like a regular cig.  People also get very attached to Smoketip's original flavor and say it tastes the most like tobacco.

Tell me more!

Smoketip has ensured their place at the top of the e cigarette pack with lots of other perks for their customers as well. They are one of only  a few companies I've reviewed who offer a lifetime warrantee. They have an extensive flavor selection which includes fun ones ilke clove, almond and cinnamon. They have what they call the Eazy-Drag system. This is a proprietary system which Smoketip.com says delivers the easiest drag on the market. Not having tested every e cig I can't speak to the merits of that claim but I can say I haven't seen that claim made so boldly with other e cig companies so I'm inclined to think there's some merit to it. In the forums people generally have a good overall vaping experience. I didn't notice extra raves for the amount of vapor. Good news is you can take it for a test run and if you disagree with Smoketip they have a 30 day money back guarantee. 

They offer a new atomizer with each cartridge which keeps them fresh and each cartridge is sealed which reduces leakage. They also offer high capacity cartridges with their replacement cartridges delivering over 250 puffs per unit (the equivalent of about 1.25 packs of traditional cigarettes.) 


A lot of people are aware that e cigarettes are better for the environment since they don't produce second hand smoke or pollute with butts but did you know they also can save you a significant amount of money? Smoketip provides a sample of your 30 day savings and for someone who smokes 2 packs a day it works out to @ $274.50/month! Plus, Smoketip offers a Lowest Price Guarantee which I haven't seen from any other e cigarette company. Smoketip have also just introduced their "refer a friend - receive a free pack of cartridges program (10 to a pack.) Yet another way to save!


If you're fanatical about saving cash (and who isn't these days) I'd recommend getting a Smoketip starter kit to start you on your journey and then take a jaunt through the various forums. You will find a wealth of information as deep as you want to go. It's kind of like people who refurbish vintage cars. There are a million ways to mix and match products and get more from your cartomizers or atomizers if you care to do the research. It is a wild world and a fun, vibrant community. Everyone is looking to share what they've learned and help you on your journey, as much or as little as you'd like.

Butt (couldn't resist)

The only downside to Smoketip is their strongest nicotine density is 16mg (some companies go to 24.) If you're a hardcore smoker and want to make sure that as you transition you're getting the max nicotine hit from your e-cigs, you might want to check out Greensmoke, which does go to 24mg. They're a bit pricier, but they are one of the most popular brands currently on the market.


All in all Smoketip.com stacks up very well against the competition and is an excellent place to begin your e-cig journey. I give them a thumbs up for staying competitive through offering value combined with quality and for engendering true customer loyalty.

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Date Reviewed: January 30, 2012, 9:43 am
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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