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Tommee Tippee Bottle Review From: Tommee Tippee

The accessories that are available, the little clear tubes that hold formula inside the bottle for easy mixture is genius. Easy to clean since the top opening is nice and wide.

Don't always fit in standard sanitizers since they are not the tall, slim typical fit of other bottles.

We loved Tommee Tippee products for the first year of infantry.

Tommee Tippee Bottles, Nipples, and Feeding System

We bought Tommee Tippee bottles to feed our newborn. We did the research, asked our parent-friends, and made the decision to register for them. After using them for the first full year of our daughter's life, I would recommend them fully to any new parent. Our daughter did not have any feeding/stomach issues, so I can not speak for colicky babies, etc. The bottles are smaller and more squat-y then your typical long narrow bottles. I believe this was an advantage because the shape of them allowed for her to grasp on to the bottle herself and begin self-feeding earlier than I expected. We moved up to the 3+Month nipples before she reached that stage, but you should be able to tell when the transition is needed. The bottles, nipples, and accessories were more expensive than most other bottles, but worth the convenience and quality. They wash well with warm soapy water and held up perfectly through all of the abuse and use with daycare, home, and heavy use.

We didn't buy the Tommee Tippee steam sanitizer, just based on the deal we got on an FAO Schwartz system at our local baby store. I believe our bottle holder held 8 bottles, but with the chunky size of the bottles, they did not fit into the designated holes for the bottles. This is an easy work around though, and we just sanitized them 6 bottles at a time as opposed to the 8 that was the maximum capacity. It is really not a big deal, but something worth noting if you plan to use Tommee Tippee bottles, and not use their specific sanitizer. They are a piece of cake to hand wash though. Because of the bottles shape, they have a wider mouth at the top. This allows any bottle brush to fit in the top very easily so you can make sure to get all the nicks and crannies of the bottle cleaned out for the next use. It was great for me, personally, because you could be sure to get the bottom of the bottle cleaned too, since they were shallow in the design and shape of the bottle.

They make 2 different sizes, as well as different designs and colors. We ended up needing 3 pre-filled bottles each day for daycare, so at first we only had 6 of the larger sized bottles. I never saw a purpose of the smaller bottles, mainly because they only hold a few ounces and she would have quickly outgrew those bottles then we would have moved into the larger size anyway. This didn't make a lot of sense to me, but maybe they are easier to travel with, or the small size is worth the extra money for some parents in the first few months of a baby family addition. As we soon discovered, the original 6 bottles we had were not enough. We were always going back to the store and buying two more.... two more... it was tough to make sure all of the bottles were always washed and ready to go for the next day or next feeding. I believe by the time we were fully ramped up we had around 11 bottles. One or two might have gotten lost along the way, but as long as I had 10+ we were comfortable with that amount and it didn't feel like I was doing dishes around the clock. Now, it was only 12 hours per day :)

The lids fit on the top nicely, they have a suction fit, so it's not too tough to click on but they do stay very well. Tommee Tippee is great about making sure there are no harmful chemicals and BPA, etc. in their products. I quickly found that it was a name to trust when purchasing anything baby-related in the early months. It is a high end product, but we always felt that the quality for the price was noticeable. Sometimes when we would stray from the brand to try to save a few dollars, we would end up coming back to Tommee Tippee in the end and quickly realized to just skip the middle step and go right for that brand to get the quality that you know will last.

The best part is that with baby #2, we know that we can get the same bottles right back out, and they will stand the test of time all over again. Rest assured that when you buy this system, there is an anti-colic vent in the nipples. We did not have issues with colic, but hopefully this helps if you are in that situation.
Date Reviewed: February 5, 2013, 8:56 am
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